Enable MMS On Your Australian iPhone 3.0

Enable MMS On Your Australian iPhone 3.0
Enable MMS On Your Australian iPhone 3.0If you can’t wait until iPhone 3.0 gets its official release, Whirlpool’s collected the files you need to make MMS work on an Australian iPhone.

One of the most-hyped features of the 3.0 version of the iPhone’s basic software is proper support for MMS, making it easier to send those neat photos you’ve been snapping. However, even if you’ve snagged a copy of iPhone 3.0 via the developer program (or through unofficial channels) getting MMS to work requires carrier-specific files. Enthusiasts at Whirlpool have gathered together carrier files for all the Australian iPhone carriers, making it possible (albeit fiddly) to get MMS and other features (such as tethering) operational.

iPhone 3.0 is due to officially appear mid-year, so if you haven’t already gone to the trouble of getting the developer version, all the futzing around may not be worth the trouble. This development does suggest that (contra your cynical editor) we should probably see MMS on the Australian iPhones soon after release. On the other hand, some work is still needed: our tipster pointed out that MMS messages don’t get streamed with other SMS messages from the same contact. Thanks Jennifer!

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  • The MMS works great i am with Optus
    And with a little tweaking you can also change the way your carrier logo looks
    You could add the yes optus logo.
    or even make your own
    has to be pretty small tho.

    Tethering is good also
    I could not get the bluetooth tethering but i got the usb tethering on a mac book pro. After i installed the iphone system components.

  • Thanks for the tips Angus.

    Can’t wait to see this finally come out. MMS might not be an everyday function, but it is nice to use ocassionally for quick shots that can say 1,000 words.

  • Josh The Whirlpool is just a website.
    Download the specific thing that you want. Carrier and which combination you would like.
    Once you have downloaded the file dump it on your desktop.
    You hold option when your iphone in in itunes and press check for updates. you then browse for the update and click open.

    it will then say updating Iphone carrier settings.

    After you have finished loading or syncing you willl then need to reset the phone in order for it to become active with the new settings.

  • Thanks Glitchlives. I have now done that. Where do i find the mms on my phone?? I did what you said above and reset All settings on my phone. All that seems to have happened is the applications are in different locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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