iPhone 3GS: The Key Australian Details

iPhone 3GS: The Key Australian Details

As ever, Apple’s latest iPhone upgrade is getting massive media attention, but in amongst the hype it can be hard to spot the key details for local buyers. Here’s what you need to know.

The 3GS will be released in Australia on June 26, which is a week after the US release. The upgraded 3.0 iPhone software will be available to download on June 17; iPod Touch owners will have to pay $14.95. (For anyone who’s already paid once on their Touch, that sounds like a rip-off, frankly.)

How much will you pay for the device? In typical iPhone fashion, no-one’s saying, though it seems reasonable to assume that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will all be coming to the party once again, and that “buy outright” deals will be thin on the ground. (Optus has put out a press release confirming it well sell the phone, but offers no details.)

As for the iPhone’s new enhanced features: APC is reporting that tethering will work on all three carriers, but as that’s based on a single slide, you might want to wait for more solid confirmation before actually slapping down money if that feature matters for you. It’s widely presumed that MMS will work.

For the good oil on other announcements from WWDC, including what it means for the MacBook line-up, check out Nick’s useful summary at Gizmodo.


    • Sorry mentallyimpaired, but your iPhone was out of date before you bought it… it’s not really a technical wonder phone if it can’t MMS, can’t record video, and can’t Cut-And-Paste (amongst a number of other things). It is just a good thing that Apple is very proficient at marketing expensive gadgets to fanboys, and the public (who don’t really know any better).

      Don’t worry though, as I am sure that all of these issues will be “coming in a future release”. LOL

      • @Devren, the iPhone 3G was never ‘out-of-date’ nor will it be when the 3GS arrives, since effectively the same software will be running on both.

        Who uses a mobile phone to capture video anyway? (Apart from school kids to record the assault of other pupils).

        And why the need to stoop so low as to use the term ‘fanboy’?

      • @Jason,

        Devren is right, what you are saying sound more like sour grapes. Its not just video mate (and people do make vidoes on their phones because some phones actually make quite decent vidoes, unlike the iphone), the iphone is supposed to be a smartphone, but it can not run more then one app at the same time, what kind of a smartphone is that. My Sony ericsson K800i 3 years ago could do that :). And if you just want a phone that make calls, save your self some money and get some cheap nokia prepaid phone that costs 50 odd dollar. Sorry, but iphone really is something that is out of date when compared to the phones out there (even the ones that were out 2-3 years ago)

      • @ Jason

        What you just said was the most stupid comment out. Who uses a mobile phone as a video? Its called a F*cking smart phone. It was invented to integrate into different aspects of life. It began as a gimick (iphone? lol) to make “flashy” phones now its as good of an alternative to the real thing, well atleast nokia and sony ericsson products are.

        Fact of the matter is, iphones are 10 years behind, the new iphone 3G same plays catch-up, now its only 5 years behind. Tethering is old tech and was available to the first generation colour phones, the camera..lol i wouldnt even start with the camera.

        The only strongpoint iphone has is the software, they were smart enough to allow users to create their own software and now appstore has a database of 10’s of thousands of apps. Just because they know people will create gimmick apps like iBeer and all the other food apps.

      • Here we go again, another flame war about whether the iPhone is good, or crap.
        Look, to be honest, a phone is supposed to cater to what a specific person needs. If you think the iPhone is crap, fine, whatever, but if you think its fantastic, then its fantastic.
        All depends on what you use it for. Personally, I’ve had my iPhone 3G for about 6-7 months now, and I love it. I admit, Apple did a terrible job of giving what was already on the market. But at the same time, they produced a phone that works, and although it leaves out some things that people consider “neccessities” I didn’t really feel like I was missing out when *upgraded* from my N95 8GB to my iPhone.
        By the way, the iPhone can do cut, copy & paste, MMS, Video Recording, Digital Zoom, play DivX and Xvid files and also background running programs. Has been able to do it pretty much since I got it. *uhem* simple process called Jailbreaking. My friends, who regularly teased me for having such a feature lean phone quickly stopped complaining when they realised that I could do everything they could do, and better (ie. Web Browsing- I’m sorry, but Nokia failed there. I never used my phones browser on the N95, it just seemed clunky, slow and a bit disjointed).
        I’m not a fan boy, never have been, but I love my phone.
        Apple can get away with making different products because thats what they do. So stop complaining and try one, just make sure it’s jailbroken 😉

  • APC is basing that on the wrong slide I believe. The slide with all 3 carriers was referring to those supporting MMS, whilst a second slide containing 22 carrier names with Tethering support was also shown, and included Optus and Vodafone but Telstra was notably absent.

    Whether this just means they haven’t got themselves organised just like the launch of the 3G iPhone last year, or whether they’ve actively decided to not support tethering is another question.

    They certainly have their MMS support up and running well via their carrier update on the 3.0 software released today though.

  • got a text from Optus offering me to register for more info about iPhone 3GS. once on the website, I also saw an FAQ section on the new iPhone itself and OS3.0. Faily safge to say Optus will be offering the new iPhone

    • So all in all it just brought an advanced phone up to speed with normal phones. Tethering is no new feature to SE or MOTO… and as for MMS = fad…
      A data plan ability to upload and email photos is much more handier.

  • Does anyone know if iPod Touch users can buy the update with a iTunes gift card? (I recently order the Two x $30 cards for $40 from JB HI FI that lifehacker mentioned)

    • @David:

      You will be able to, it’s basically the same as purchasing an app. At least that’s how it used to work (had an iPod Touch 1G and had to pay $12 for the 2.0 update, just went to “Update my iPod” in iTunes, it said it was $12, then you click “Purchase”, exactly like buying an app through iTunes)

  • save yourself the money and just jailbreak your iphone and walah, you have everything the new 3gs has bar the extra storage. mms on 3g works just fine as does video recording as does copy paste as does the compass as does….you get the idea. im giving the 3gs a miss and wait for the next edition

  • With you Robbo, waiting for the next iPhone 🙂

    Nothing all that special in this new release, hopefully the new firmware will speed it up a bit anyway. 🙂

  • Tethering ? – of course Telstra will not comment. It’s notable that they have several wireless broadband dongles of varying speed and price. So why tether ? Hell,if we all bought a twenty dollar cable, downloaded the software and actually restricted ourselves to email and low graphic webpages then how could they sell the same pipe with charges for different speeds ? On the other side, what if we made it easy for every mobile phone user to access data with re formatted pages for mobile bandwidth. Maybe we would open the market in total ? Pfaaah.

  • All I can say is that those who have not used an iPhone for more than 3 months don’t know what they’re talking about. I had a P800, N95, palm etc etc. Non of the OS’s on these come close to the OS on the iPhone.

  • I’ve been able to send an MMS to an Optus iPhone sucessfully however can’t receive them on my Telstra iPhone. Anyone know what you need to do? The optus iPhone has no trouble sending and receiving MMS.

    • @ SouthPacIslands – “the best time to buy technology is never!”

      That’s the motto of the Amish!! 🙂

      I was sure most of the features offered by the 3GS is already available to the current iPhones via the last update – so really the only things new to the 3GS is mainly hardware-wise (ie. new processor).

  • The fact is that the iphone revolutionised the mobile phone interface. The existing main players were simply stagnate in bringing in something new. They were bringing out new models every few months but there was no progress, they were stuck in a rut. Certainly the iphone didn’t have or still hasn’t got x,y,z but Apple wants x,y,z features to be fully and seamlessly integrated (and of course they have their business reasons as well) and that takes time. The cut/copy/paste in the latest software update is a great example. Other phones has features x,y,z simply tacked on with no thought to the user and it certainly feels that way.

    I have a Nokia N96 and it has many more features than the iphone 3GS, but it’s a total mess. It’s clunky. Even a simple thing like copy/paste on the N96 (which people have screaming for Apple to introduce) is done terribly that I just don’t use it.

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