iPhone 3GS: The Key Australian Details

As ever, Apple’s latest iPhone upgrade is getting massive media attention, but in amongst the hype it can be hard to spot the key details for local buyers. Here’s what you need to know.

The 3GS will be released in Australia on June 26, which is a week after the US release. The upgraded 3.0 iPhone software will be available to download on June 17; iPod Touch owners will have to pay $14.95. (For anyone who’s already paid once on their Touch, that sounds like a rip-off, frankly.)

How much will you pay for the device? In typical iPhone fashion, no-one’s saying, though it seems reasonable to assume that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will all be coming to the party once again, and that “buy outright” deals will be thin on the ground. (Optus has put out a press release confirming it well sell the phone, but offers no details.)

As for the iPhone’s new enhanced features: APC is reporting that tethering will work on all three carriers, but as that’s based on a single slide, you might want to wait for more solid confirmation before actually slapping down money if that feature matters for you. It’s widely presumed that MMS will work.

For the good oil on other announcements from WWDC, including what it means for the MacBook line-up, check out Nick’s useful summary at Gizmodo.

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