No Free Tethering For Optus On iPhone

When the iPhone 3GS was announced, we noted that caution was advised before getting excited about the ability to use the iPhone as a tethered modem. That turns out to have been sage advice.

Whirlpool has dug into Optus' terms and conditions and found that using the iPhone as a modem in this way will incur extra charges, though what those charges are hasn't yet been specified. Even on earlier jailbroken models, tethering was riskier in Australia because of iPhone data limits; if all three local iPhone carriers pursue this policy, then choosing a separate 3G broadband plan will make more sense for anything other than very casual use.

Optus iPhone tethering to cost extra [Whirlpool via Gizmodo]


    What sort of draconian measures are these? I can use my Nokia e51 as a bluetooth modem, no problems. (Mind you I can also send mms' and have been able to since day one).

    From the Optus point of view I would have thought more data consumed (whether on the device or laptop) equal more money...

    It's working for me on standard 3G iPhone, ver 3.0 (7A341) on vodafone network, speed is good, tested that it worked and turned it off in case the black helicopters appeared... ;)

    To this day, it amazes me that australian carriers still have these sorts of restrictions. Then again, it amazes me we still accept 'download quotas' on our broadband.

      Notice how in Australia "Net Neutrality" isn't really an issue? That's what happens when users pay consummate with their usage.

    Check out whirlpool for optus+tethering config file.

    I am using my Optus 3G iPhone running the new OS 3.0 WITHOUT jail braking and its working fine.


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