iPhone 3.0 Update Available For Download

iPhone 3.0 Update Available For Download

Plug in your iPhone and smash the Update button in iTunes to grab yourself the latest and greatest update to iPhone 3.0, complete with copy-and-paste, MMS, search, push notifications, and more.

Go grab your update (it looks like the downoad’s going to take about 30 minutes for me), then let’s hear how you like the new features in the comments.

iPhone 3.0 Software Update [Apple]


  • If you have trouble with activation, try this trick: Once downloaded, hit “Update” while connected to the Internet and then disconnect from the Internet or disable your network connection while the package is extracting. Worked for me! Found it on a forum.

  • Optus sent me an email about this a few hours ago (I signed up to see what the delay was on them letting people know, and was amazed that it didn’t take them a a week), but there’s no mention of tethering costs.

    Nor is there any mention of it in their FAQ.

    “What is the point of having a FAQ if it doesn’t even mention, let alone answer, the MAIN question – is Optus going to rip me for even more cash if I tether my notebook despite me already paying $140/month?'”

    We’ll see if they reply to that email 🙂

  • The 3.0 update is great. I have only had about 30 min experience with it but so far it’s pretty well rounded. I plan to push the update to it’s full potential.

  • http://www.michaeljohnston.me/IMAGES/us_att.mobileconfig click that link on your iphone to allow tethering. there may be extra charges, but it is still nice to have the option. i tried it and got it to work with blue tooth, but still not on USB. also the visual voice mail is fixed with this. does anyone know when they will start rolling out the new apps, and ones with push notification. i have found that AP is working with push and also zillow.

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