Some Calls Between Vodafone And 3 Now Free

Some Calls Between Vodafone And 3 Now Free

Vodafone and 3 merged back in May last year, but it has taken until now for one of the most obvious benefits of such a merger — free calls between customers on the different networks — to appear.

Nick over at our sibling site Gizmodo has been digging into the issue and confirmed that postpaid customers on Vodafone are now being charged the same way for calls to 3 as for calls to Vodafone. In other words, if that plan includes an option to make free Voda-to-Voda calls, it also now includes free Voda-to-3 calls.

Currently, that ruling only applies to Vodafone customers, but the company is also considering a similar deal for 3 customers whose packages include free 3-to-3 calls. If you’re a user of either network, that’s likely welcome news.

VHA Confirms Free Vodafone To 3 Calls [Gizmodo Australia]

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