3 Confirms New Roaming Rates, Wider Coverage

3 Confirms New Roaming Rates, Wider Coverage
3e1603 has confirmed that it will be reducing its data roaming charges at the same time it expands its network, charging 50 cents per megabyte for users who need to switch from its capital city 3G network to Telstra’s more widespread Next G where native 3 coverage is not available. But just which phones and devices will it work on?

The 50 cent rate will be available to users on either postpaid mobile broadband plans or who utilise a postpaid X-Series mobile data pack for their phone. In the former category, you’ll need a Huawei E160 modem. That costs $149 outright, and is free if you sign up for a new plan at $29 or more. Yep, that’s right — 3’s popular $15 plan doesn’t include the free high-speed modem.

Phones which support access to the Next G network include the Nokia 6120, 3120, 6500, 6600, E63, E71 and N85 models; the Sony Ericsson SEM C510a and SEM W705a; and the BlackBerry Bold. Hit the Three site for further information (and try and avoid the massively overdesigned ‘Gilly’s Island’ promotion for the service, one of the less pleasant examples of a product information site we’ve seen for quite a while.)



  • Sorry three, next week i port out to TPG’s $79 cap with $2000 credit & 2 gb of data included but they have lower plans that rock too like the $49 cap with $1000 credit & 500mb of inc data! My g/f is about to port too from 3 to their $19 cap & when we get adsl2 it will only cost her $9.95 a month.

    With the new 900mhz network OPTUS will offer the same sort of coverage as TELSTRA for most of us.

    BUT, if data is important then remember you get 50mb every day for free at McD’s now!! But teltraprepaid offers a $100 cap with $550 talk/sms credit & you can use the $100 for TV & bradband, its not bad if you can score a 850mhz second gen iphone s/h from say cash converters & its locked to T$

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