3 increases allowances on wireless broadband plans

3 increases allowances on wireless broadband plans

3 has upped the capacity on its wireless broadband plans, adding two new options and increasing download limits on its X Series plans. New to the 3 arsenal are plans offering 6GB of data for $39 a month or 7GB of data for $49 a month, with a free USB modem in return for a 24-month signup. Capacity on X Series plans (designed for on-phone use with the option of using your 3G handset as a modem for your PC) have also increased, with the $20 plan now offering 1GB, the $30 2GB and the $40 3GB.
While that makes all the plans comparatively better value than their rivals (Vodafone’s equivalent $39 plan offers 5GB), the usual 3 caveat remains: if you’re going to make use of the service outside 3’s capital city coverage areas, you’ll get slugged with an obscene $1.65 per megabyte roaming charge. The 24-month lock-in might also be a concern, though this applies to most equivalent offers. If you are in a good 3 reception area, this is a potentially tempting offer, and don’t forget you can use it on an Eee PC for a highly portable solution. [3]


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