Kindle For iPhones Puts Amazon’s Catalog In Reach Of Australians

The Kindle (and its successor the Kindle 2) remain a US-only prospect, but from what we can see, no such restriction applies to the new Kindle for iPhones app, which promises access to Kindle ebooks you’ve purchased even if you don’t own a Kindle. Quite possibly good news for Aussie buyers. Every book, magazine, and newspaper you can buy for the Kindle can now be read through the iPhone app, and many of the same features are included. You can bookmark any page, change text sizes on the fly, and note and highlight passages. You buy your books through Amazon’s web-based Kindle Store, either on a desktop/laptop system or through your iPhone Safari browser, and choose to send the purchases (or one-chapter samples) to your iPhone/touch or Kindle. I don’t have an iPhone to fully test Amazon’s claims, though it did let me right through all the buying screens for individual titles; if you’ve got it working, share your experiences in the comments Kindle for iPhone is a free download, requires an iPhone or iPod touch running at least the 2.0 software.


  • Yes, I’m afraid you’re wrong. I tried to download the app and it says it’s only available in the US. Once again we miss out – I should be used to it I guess, but it does make me feel like I’m in a 3rd world country. I don’t think it’s available in the UK either though.

  • Yes, it appears Australia misses out AGAIN. I don’t understand why some of these apps aren’t offered in the Australian market. It’s VERY frustrating from a user point of view.

  • Wow, it’s almost like between amazon and apple they are trying as hard as they can to make it impossible for someone to buy legit e-books. Am i wrong in thinking it’s easier to pirate books than buy them legit… hmmm…

    I seem to remember something similar happening to music. For crying out loud, make legit purchases easier/available.

  • I have a US iTunes account so i’ve been able to install the iPhone Kindle app. Unfortunately my account is AU-based and everytime I try to buy a book, it comes up saying that the order could not be processed due to geographical restrictions. I’ve tried this with about 5 different books now and its always the same.

    BOO Amazon!

    Anybody else managed to find a book that works?

    • Hi, I read somewhere that you can buy a Kindle & its eBooks by doing this:
      1) Set up a second email address.
      2) Then use your Australian credit card to buy gift cards from Amazon and send the gift cards to your second email address.
      3) Use the gift cards to purchase a Kindle and Kindle eBooks.
      Hope this info helps. I haven’t tried to do it yet. Might be able to do the same for iPhone, ie buy gift cards and send the eBooks as a gift to your iPhone?

      • I suspect that the Kindle still couldn’t get delivered to an Australian address — and even if it could, you wouldn’t get the over-the-air book delivery.

  • The same way Apple and Amazon make it impossible to buy legit legal e-books, Audible does the same for audiobooks… I have an Audible account and AUD$23/pm subscription for 1 x book-a-month. Yet SO SO SO many of the books I want to buy are NOT available for Australian customers… Does that stop me getting them a reading them… NO… But it makes it hard to keep doing the right thing when the titles I want to give people money for, are not available to Aust. And so trivial to obtain by other methods…

    As a sidenote… can you imagine if the Kindle ever does get to Aust. It will be +$600 (convert USD price and add the Australian-market-penalty and you get a minimum of AUD$600. And it will only be available on Helstra NextG and the books will cost 1.6-2.0 times the converted USD price…. that’s IF they are even available here at all thanks to the CLUELESS DINOSAUR publishers…

    Why do these companies make it so hard for me to give them my money… ?

  • You can use the iPhone Kindle app in Australia, if you don’t mind signing up with a second iTunes account using a fake US address, and a second Amazon account using a fake US address, and only reading free books, since paying for a book would require a real US credit card with your fake address on it.

    I’m a little disappointed the iPhone App didn’t go global, but really we were all expecting it; if Amazon had licensing agreements with publishers that allowed them to sell Kindle books outside the US, they would have released the Kindle hardware here already.

  • Amazon will not make it available…

    Simple, buy the book, use Bittorrent to download the book and then use Stanza it has a nice import function, you can even take a pic of the cover and add it.

    From my limited understanding of the law you have the right to do this. If you have some old books down the shed gathering dust, download them, put them on your iPhone. I have my Asimov collection all at hand now and yes, they are all books I have bought, now I can carry them around on my phone.

    In fact you could in theory (don’t quote me) borrow the book from a public library, load it on your iPhone from a bittorrent and as long as you keep the book on the shelf and delete it from the iPhone and computer when you return the book you would not be breaching the rights of the author.

    Amazon is just failing Australians but there are plenty of other ways.

    You have rights, use them. Just make sure you respect the copyright of your favourite authors, they work hard to make these books available to you don’t rip them off.

  • I use Stanza on the iPod Touch. All free books and most recent-release commercial books are available through one source or another – so who needs Amazon? Currently I’m reading “At Risk” by Stella Rimington on my iPod – it was only USD $6.99 through Fictionwise.

  • Much as I resent the unavailability of KindleApp in Australia I think I can see why. It’s not that they deliberately want to screw us. I’m sure they’d take our money if they could without risking massive suit from Australian publishers.

    Aussie publishers retain the rights to publish and see first cut of many books that are handled by other houses in the US. I’m sure that US publishers get a cut from the sales of printed books AND from the sale of eBooks. Australian publishers get no such deal through Amazon.

    Therefore if Amazon were to sell eBooks into Australia, instantly and cheaply, they would totally bypass the Australian publishers of print books (who also have no way to compete in the eBook market) and destroy their profits, thereby rendering the rights they hold worthless. You can bet that would cause a stink.

    I think Amazon needs to cut a deal with the Australian/UK houses to give them backend here, but because it’s all too difficult for what may be too little return, we won’t see it for a while.

  • Meh… eBooks hold promise because of the screen and battery life.

    I have no interest in reading a book on my iPhone, and I suspect most people are similar. It will flatten the battery, the screen is too small, and reading for long periods from LCD is eye-destroying.

    Really, unless a book is available in no other form, why would you bother?

  • I can login to Amazon and buy a traditional paper-based book from the US, and then have it posted to me here in Australia… but I now can’t login and buy the same book in electronic format??? Are these publishers complete morons?? It seems the old adage that reading broadens one’s horizons does not include book publishers… what an utter joke.

  • I am considering the merits of buying a kindle in the UK and then going back to Melbourne next week. But having read the comments above, it seems that the timing is premature as kindle is not readily available outside the US. Sounds like i-Pad would have the same issues. Anybody care to disabuse me of this notion?

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