Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available For Australian Amazon Customers

Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader app, which allows users to read ebooks through their web browser, is now available to all customers. In other words, you no longer need a Kindle device to read Kindle ebooks if you have a local account. Hurrah!

The Kindle Cloud Reader app is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It can be accessed free of charge and provides access to Amazon's entire ebook catalogue. As with other Kindle apps, it saves your bookmarks, notes, last page read and bookmarks, notes and automatically synchronizes your Kindle library.

You can also access saved books without an internet connection, which is a huge bonus if you regularly travel with a laptop or tablet in tow. You can also customise various aspects of the UI, including the page layout, font size, text color and background.

The app is web-based and requires no download or installation although you'll naturally need to register if you don't already have an Amazon account. Click here to get the web app, or download the Android and iOS versions here and here, respectively.


    Hasn't this (or similar) been available for a number of years?

    Will each device you use it on be counted for the DRM limit?

    I have a number of devices and the small number of copies that are allowed is really frustrating. If I could just use the browser on most devices that would be great. DRM limit should be at least 20 per account (IMHO).

    I'm similarly puzzled. I'm fairly sure I've been reading my kindle books on my PC for years...

    Unfortunately, unlike the Android and iOS apps and Kindle devices, this is still limited to Amazon store purchases. The PC/browser version does not support reading books kept in your Amazon cloud storage.

    Last edited 31/05/14 8:03 pm

    It's been around for at least three years now:

      Only just been made available in for customers though. The story does mention that, but I've updated to make it clearer.

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