Kindle iOS AppNow Can Read Emailed Documents

iOS: Amazon just updated its iPhone and iPad apps in a big way: You can now send documents to your iOS device via a new Send-to-Kindle email address, including PDFs. There's a new layout too for viewing books, newsstand, and docs.

iPad users have some additional upgrades, including access to over 400 magazines and newspapers and "print replica textbooks" that include the formatting and layout of print books as well as the ability to highlight and otherwise annotate those books as expected. You can also rent some textbooks from the iPad Kindle app. These features — and the PDF support (most titles in Amazon's PDF format, Kindle Print Replica, are academic) — are a big boon for students, naturally.

The apps also support Kindle Cloud, Amazon's 5GB of free online storage. So documents your email to your Send-to-Email address are automatically archived online and re-downloadable on other devices.

You can grab the update here:

Kindle [iTunes App Store]


    You've always been able to email documents to the kindle address.. I don't see what is new here..?

    You can even do it for free by sending it to [email protected] rather than using the [email protected] address. All you do is attach the files you want converted to any old email with the word convert in the subject line and send it. Then it converts the file and sends it to you via the usual WhisperNET method.

    Anything in your Kindle archive can be retrieved by the Kindle software...

    Prior to this update, only Kindle devices (so not Kindle apps on iOS or Android) could retrieve personal documents. I'm particularly happy about this because the Kindle app is my preferred app for reading on the iPad, even for ebooks that I've bought elsewhere.

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