New Facebook Is Now The Only Option

New Facebook Is Now The Only Option

OnlyFacebook.jpg Facebook has now officially switched all users to the ‘new’ design, so previous tricks to get back to the old interface don’t work. I’m still fuming that the new site doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge Wordscraper even exists, and I hate not having status updates on the front page. Got other new Facebook gripes? Share them in the comments.


  • What do you mean, you’re missing the status updates?

    When I log into Facebook, all my friends’ status updates are on the first page I see. Admittedly, the status updates are combined with other activity from my friends (which I happen to like).

    If you just want to see status updates, use the filters on the top right hand side of that “main page”.


  • Yes, the status updates are merged into the news feed, and yes, you can click to just get them — but on the old design, they were already separate and visible on the home page. From my perspective, the new design makes for more work.

  • I think half of the problem with all of these people whinging about the new design is that they haven’t even attempted to familiarise themselves with the interface before calling blue murder.

    It’s MUCH EASIER to view all of your friend’s status updates now. Before you could only see the last 3 updates. If you click the ‘status updates’ tab on your home page, you can now see them all, very easily.

    I’ve also heard some people complaining that they just want to see their wall posts. If for some reason you want to read through all of your old wall posts, go to your profile, and change the filter to ‘posts by others’.

    Really, if you give it a chance, the new interface is much improved. I love the fact that I don’t have to look at anyone’s applications unless I want to. Reminds me of the pre-application days, which were much better really.

  • Completely agree with Jayphen. Don’t know if this is the same for everyone else but the first three stories in my news feed are always the three most recent status updates – so its exactly the same as old facebook, just in a different place!

    People are so quick to hate change without giving it a chance – new facebook is far superior (and yeah, I didn’t particularly like it when I first switched over).

  • Visually it’s a mess. There must be four different font sizes on the profile page. I hate how my status updates are shown in huge bold type on my profile page. There’s a lot more clutter and less whitespace. Not impressed.

  • Wordscraper Hack – It took me a few minutes, but you can trick the new version into having it as one of your favourites.

    I did it ages ago, forgotten how. Hmmm.

    1. OK, go to Wordscraper app.
    2. Go down to the new footer status bar thang, click applications.
    (You *should* find that Wordscraper is listed there)
    3. Drag it to near the top of the list.
    4. Say “de-Cableugy rocks, can’t wait for his new website!”


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