Where Facebook Hid Your On-Screen Notifications

Notifications.jpg While using Facebook last week, I suddenly realised that the on-screen Notifications area (previously on the top right side after Requests and Applications) had disappeared. At the time I figured this was just another in the intermittent series of bugs that have plagued Facebook since its controversial redesign, but when I finally dug into the Help file, it turns out notifications have now been moved into a pop-up menu at the bottom right of the screen. This is similar to the Applications menu on the left, but at least with that they've also kept an on-screen version (handy for those of us who don't fancy excessive clicking, and much better for users of screen readers). Quite frankly, there's already enough small annoying icons kicking around near the bottom of my screen without Facebook adding to them.


    Congrats for figuring that one out ;) I have been checking mine through the gadget at the bottom of the screen for quite a while now. It's the first thing I see when I load a page.

      lol I like minebeing at the bottom and now mine are just on the side, I want min back at the bottom.

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