Is it too late for cut-down Underbelly?

The ban on Channel Nine broadcasting its hit gangland drama series Underbelly in Victoria had some interesting consequences, including making it hard to purchase the DVD of the series online. Today, The Australian reports that edited versions of the episodes of the series have finally been cleared for Victorian broadcast this week. Will you be racing to catch these? Or, as several Lifehacker readers have suggested recently, does the constant rescheduling of TV shows mean you just don’t care any more and would revert to channel BT or an imported interstate DVD?


  • I’m in WA and watched the whole Underbelly series, and honestly it’s the best television Australia has ever produced and broadcast, and is simply world class drama – for Victorians to be denied access to FTA entertainment and media is a slap in the face of democracy and quite frankly shows how pathetically slow the courts are at sorting out the real-life case.

  • I think maybe 3 people in Victoria haven’t seen Underbelly yet.

    But I don’t even know what’s on TV anymore because the TV Guides are constantly wrong.

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