Nine's FIXPlay To Emphasise Older Shows For Catch-Up

Channel Nine got to the catch-up TV game late with its FIXPlay site earlier this year. While the biggest success for the site has (predictably) been letting people get their Underbelly hit, Channel Nine appears keen to emphasise the ability to view much older shows.

The Herald Sun reports that additional archive programming is going to be added to FIXPlay, including vintage episodes of Hey Hey It's Saturday! and Thunderbirds. Right from launch, FIXPlay has emphasised older content alongside current shows (in part because it includes content from Nine's digital channel GO!, which heavily emphasises repeats). The move to include a larger library emulates similar strategies pursued in the US by Hulu, and provides an alternative to people seeking out (generally unauthorised) individual episodes on YouTube.

Do you like the idea of catching older shows online, or are your tastes more towards the modern? Would you rather Nine put more effort into unmetered partnerships with ISPs? Give us your views in the comments.

Audiences glued to retro TV [Herald Sun via TV Tonight]


    Fixplay is almost as good as iveiw. Watched the first ep of father ted on it yesterday.

    That's odd, I could have sworn I remember watching Father Ted on ABC when I was young... and the whole lot being played several times. Eventually being rerun into a well deserved death.

    When did channel 9 pick it up?

    Its a good idea but the quality is horrible.

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