Underbelly legally available online

As you probably already know, Channel
Nine’s drama Underbelly was banned from screening in Victoria because
many of the central characters and incidents are the subject of
ongoing trials in that state. The same prohibition also applied to
selling the DVD version in Victoria, and the hassles involved in
filtering those sales appears to have minimised its availability in
online stores and advertising online. However, online retailer EzyDVD is claiming in its newsletter out today that
“the embargo has been lifted” on selling the disc through
online stores. Of course, the ban on selling it to Victorians
remains; presumably some poor schmuck has to double-check every order
to ensure it doesn’t have a 3000-series postcode. While we can’t help
suspecting that the court ban, however well-meaning and legally
correct, resulted in a boost of torrent activity, the fact remains
that the DVD is the only legal option for getting hold of the series
(plus you should support good Aussie drama, there’s not exactly a


  • I cannot believe that the ban on the sale of the dvd applies even now after the trial is over and done with.Channel Nine has since screened episodes of the series in Victoria but for some reason the ban on the sale or distribution of the dvd still applies.The ban on Channel Nine screening the series was lifted late last year so whats the deal.Its almost like the courts are implementing the ban on the dvd in Victoria just so they can play big brother.Last time I checked we live in a free democratic society not a police state.However the courts heavy handedness with this issue really makes me wonder.Whats more I think its pathetic that the distribution company(Roadshow) and retailers such as Ezydvd and JBHiFi are complying with a court order that really has no legal standing and is completely unnecessary.

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