Foxtel Planning Online Catchup TV Service

Foxtel Planning Online Catchup TV Service
Foxtel Planning Online Catchup TV ServiceFoxtel is reportedly joining the online broadcasting brigade, allowing subscribers to catch up with some of its shows via a dedicated site.

Lara Sinclair at the Australian offers the theory that a Foxtel launch scheduled for tomorrow will see the announcement of a broadband-based service “that will include 400 hours of catch-up programming” (for subscribers only, natch). The big question, as ever, is what shows it will get the rights for, and whether it will work in Firefox as well as IE.

The article also provides a useful overview of what the different Australian networks are planning in terms of online TV, although it blurs the distinction between streaming catchup services like the ABC’s iView and time-limited downloads like Nine’s Underbelly offerings. As we pointed out in last week’s piece about Seven offering a Heroes download, no matter how efficient these sites get, as long as there’s even a day’s delay between overseas broadcasts and local transmission, Channel BT will probably continue to flourish.

TV battle now shifts to downloads [The Australian]


  • I called Foxtel and they say that this is NOT happening any time soon and they say they were miss quoted by the media. They say that it will be at least later in the year that any announcements will be made.

    • Well, they certainly do have a press conference scheduled for today which promises “a unique television experience online”. Past experience suggests they may well announce something but not roll it out for a while, which effectively would mean they do have an announcement scheduled, but not a launch. (Given the original Oz article didn’t actually quote anyone, claiming a misquote is a bit rich, though typical of what tends to happen in these circumstances!)

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