Underbelly Episodes Freely Available Online

Underbelly Episodes Freely Available Online

Underbelly.jpgFreed from the legal problems that beset series one, the Underbelly prequel has already become the highest-rating drama in people-meter-ranking TV history — but Nine is apparently keen to get even more people watching the show, and is offering free downloads of the episodes the same evening they air. While the episodes are DRM-protected (you’ll need a special codec for your preferred media player), can’t be downloaded outside Australia and will expire when the series finishes, it’s still a step forward a the TV industry which often acts like sharing program information is a capital crime.


  • Well good on Channel 9.

    Unfortunately for them, people in the “know” will have the whole series downloaded and watched before the third episode is aired as some had the fortune of doing during the first series.

    I live in Brisbane and work remote in Qld where channel 9 comes in the form of Imparja Television which broadcasts from the NT. Due to the legal stoush that 9 was involved with during the first series and Victoria being an “Off Limit” state for the show to be aired due to the aforementioned, and Imparja broadcasting to parts of Victoria, they were not allowed to air the series until it was nutted out in court. So one week I could watch an episode in Brisbane, and the next 2 weeks I couldn’t?

    Bless the Channel 9 employee who uploaded the series straight from the 9’s broadcast copy…. station count-in and all. It was available after the 2nd episode was aired.

    • Mick you should spend some of the money you are making out there in the outback, take a trip into town and buy the full set of Underbelly then go to Terrigal and see if you can get into Peppers without me, if you can’t give me a shout at the Union in Gosford.

  • I have been wanting to watch this series for ages, I never seem to catch it on my PVR or on the TV. HOWEVER, there is NO WAY I would download a DRM laden version that expires when the series ends! What a waste of bandwidth and time!! It’s no wonder pirated torrents are so popular.

  • Its a positive that commercial TV stations are, slowly slowly, starting to acknowledge that placing content online is a worthwhile activity.

    That said, serious online viewers – who indeed may work and live in different ways than what TV executives realise are not going to put up with DRM and other restrictions that stymie the ease and attraction inherent in online viewing.

    Other stations, such as the ABC particularly, are setting the benchmark for placing Australian TV online (reasonable quality and a few flexible formats). With some viewer encouragement lets hope they push the others to also lift their game.

  • “can’t be downloaded outside Australia” – shame. Will this be made available later? I’ve heard a lot about this from mates back home and would love to find a way to watch this and keep up to date. Ideas?

  • The series is on DVD (possibly region-4 only which would be dumb but typical) so is available more generally.

    Personally I would just like to pay a BBC TV license and get access to the BBC online content.

    At present the only Australian content I can get online is the ABC iplayer, and that’s only because I use one of the few ISPs who don’t count it against my download budget.

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