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Why You Should Plan An Occasional Break From Dieting (And How To Do It)

When your weight loss seems to be stalling or you’re starting to feel burnt out, try taking a break from watching your diet. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it may be just what your body — and mind — needs to see progress again. Here’s how it works.

Most Popular Health And Fitness Posts Of 2015

For something so important, there’s an awful lot of confusion over health and nutrition. This year, we covered more health and fitness than ever before, in an effort to dispel that confusion. Here were our best health-related posts of 2015.

Why 'Everything In Moderation' Is A Terrible Rule To Eat By

When your favourite diet advice is the same as junk food peddlers’ favourite diet advice, maybe you should reconsider.

How To Set A Target Body Weight For Better Chances Of Diet Success

Everyone knows that losing weight is difficult. The greatest challenge, however, is keeping that weight off. Knowing your target body weight, and then eating like you’re at that body weight, can provide a roadmap that allows you to make sustainable progress. Here’s why.

When Low Kilojoule Foods Actually Screw Your Diet

“Low kilojoule” foods are all the rage these days. Sure, they may seem like a good idea on the surface, but sometimes they’re as silly as thinking “if I cut this cake in half, I can eat twice the amount.” Here’s how to tell when the lower-kilojoule option is the right decision.

You Snooze, You Win: How A Lack Of Sleep Can Hold Back Your Weight Loss

In primary school, we were told that “You snooze, you lose.” Now as adults, we know sleep is important, but when life gets hectic it’s often the first thing we cut out. That’s truly our loss. In fact, crappy z’s could be a big reason you aren’t losing weight. Here’s why.

The 'Paper Towel' Analogy Explains Why Weight Loss Is A Slow Process

When we try to lose weight, the process can be so agonisingly slow that you’d wonder if it’s even happening at all. With the right effort, it is, and slowness is completely normal (and better for your long-term health). Here’s a perfect analogy to keep your mindset positive and motivation high: Think of that fat like a new roll of paper towels.

Fitness Is A Journey, And It Doesn't Have To Suck

With every successful weight loss story, it’s hard to avoid getting hyper-focused on someone’s visual changes, or the number of pounds they lost. Unfortunately, focusing all your energy only on the end goal makes the process with health and fitness feel crappy — which makes you less likely to stay with it and find success.

How To Finally Start Working Out (Even If You Hate It)

Hating exercise isn’t the same as being lazy. Exercise motivation is a complicated subject, but if getting off the couch is the hardest part for you, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to finally start working out, no matter how much you might hate it.

No, Running On An Empty Stomach Doesn't Make You Lose More Weight

The logic seems sound: If you’ve not eaten at all and then go do an aerobic activity like running, your body will have to use up more fat and lose more weight right? While yes, you tend to use more fat during the activity, over the long-term fasted cardio alone has no additional effects on weight loss.

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