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Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Depending on who you ask, we’re either eating “too much” protein, or we need protein shake after protein shake just to build a little muscle or lose weight. The truth isn’t either of these. Some of us may need more, while others get more than enough — but more isn’t necessarily harmful. Here’s how to figure it all out.

How Much Sugar Is It OK To Eat?

If you’re an average-sized adult eating and drinking enough to maintain a healthy body weight, you should consume no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. But what does this translate to when it comes to popular foods and beverages? We investigate.

If You Want To Lose Weight, You Have To Like Your New Lifestyle

If you want to lose weight, you need to change your diet. That doesn’t mean eating nothing but salad for three months while gruelling your way to a lower weight, though. You’ll quit before you start if you hate the new lifestyle you’re building for yourself.

Instagram's Viral Weight Loss Teas Are Just Laxatives

Celebrities on Instagram love to hawk weight loss products, and one of the biggest trends is the teatox: Herbal “detoxing” teas that are supposed to help you lose weight naturally. Of course, miracle cures don’t exist, and many of these teas are just laxatives.

Why Calorie Counting Will Always Be Flawed [Infographic]

You can meticulously count every single Jelly Bean or lick of peanut butter you’ve had, then calculate the number of calories you’ve burned to offset them. But this actually hurts your weight loss efforts (and sanity) more than it helps. Here’s why you shouldn’t rely on “calories in” and “calories out”.

Slim By Design Offers Tricks For Willpower-Free Dieting

According to author Brian Wansink, we make more than 200 food-related decisions every day — most without really thinking about them. Slim by Design takes Wansink’s surprising research on how we make those decisions and turns it into actionable tips.

Stick To Your Diet For At Least A Year For Potentially Lasting Weight Loss

If you’ve ever dieted before, you know how hard it is to keep the weight off for good. New research suggests that if you maintain your weight loss for at least 52 weeks, it will be easier to maintain that weight in the long run.

'You Lose Weight In The Kitchen, You Gain Health In The Gym'

You can’t eat total crap and then bust your butt exercising to magically erase those kilojoules: It’s not that simple. If you want to make longer lasting, healthier changes, what and how much you eat is far more important than how much you exercise.

Improve Your Self-Control With A 10-Minute Delay

When it’s far too difficult to deny yourself that cigarette, that doughnut or that new coat, tell yourself to instead wait just 10 minutes before you give in. This “mini” delay in gratification will help you build more self-control over time.

Why Diet Matters More Than Exercise For Weight Loss, In One Video

If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are both important. However, that doesn’t mean they’re equally important. This video explains why changing your diet has a bigger effect on your weight loss than exercise.

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