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First Alpha Of Node.js For Visual Studio Released By Microsoft

I’m sure there are plenty of developers out there that would love to develop for Javascript and node.js in Visual Studio, but haven’t been able to due to the IDE’s lack of language and debugging support. Well, that’s no longer the case, with Microsoft releasing a freshly-minted alpha of Node.js Tools for Visual Studio.

Microsoft, Why Don't You Want Us To Use Visual Studio Express 2013?

Visual Studio 2013 was released a few days ago and with it, updated Express editions for hobbyists and those who don’t require the full spectrum of features the commercial product provides. Unfortunately, VS Express 2013 for Windows Desktop shares a problem with its 2012 predecessor — the removal of the Exception Assistant.

How Visual Studio 2013's Editor Eliminates Parentheses Pain

Visual Studio 2013 has been out in preview since Microsoft’s BUILD conference last month. One simple but useful feature that has been added? Whenever you type in an opening parentheses (whether it’s curly or a regular bracket), its matching counterpart is automatically added.

How To Run The Windows Phone Emulator On Windows 8.1

Inevitably, preview releases break some software, and Windows 8.1 is no exception. Developers building Windows Phone 8 apps may experience problems using the emulator on a Windows 8.1 preview system, but there’s a workaround.

Briefly: Top 5 Lunch-Hour Workouts, 25% Off iTunes Cards, $10 Convection Oven

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Visual Studio 2013 Preview available now, get a Convection Oven for $10, five lunch-hour workout ideas.

Visual Studio Updates Available As ISOs

Until recently, updates to Visual Studio have required a live net connection. However, Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 has been released as an ISO image that can be downloaded and installed offline. Microsoft plans to ship ISO images for the RTM version of future Visual Studio updates, in addition to the existing distribution mechanism.

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Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit Adds Windows Phone 8 Support

The Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit, designed to make adding 3D functionality to games and apps easier, has been extended to include support for Windows Phone 8. (Hey, anyone tempted to build a 3D game and enter it in our apps competition?) Full details and install instructions at the link. [Visual C++ Team Blog]

Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2012 Released

Fancy building apps for the newest versions of Office? Microsoft has updated its Office Developer Tools suite for Visual Studio 2012.

I've Given Up On Visual Studio Express 2012. Here's Why

Last year I made the decision to upgrade to Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows Desktop. Last week I dumped it for Express 2010. I wish I could say there were many reasons why I went back, but there’s only one — Express 2012 killed my productivity.

Three Reasons Why I Upgraded To Visual Studio Express 2012 (For Now)

The original plan for Microsoft was to discontinue the Express series, at least for regular desktop apps, with the VS Express 2010 products satisfying the “legacy” requirements of developers. Of course, everyone but Microsoft thought this was an insane idea and eventually, Microsoft relented, releasing the “Windows Desktop” flavour of VS Express 2012.