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Microsoft Releases Update For Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has made its first update for Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015 available along with a preview of some features developers can expect to see in the next round of improvements.

You Can Now Get Visual Studio As A Cloud Subscription Service

Micosoft is now offering Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise as subscription services on a monthly or annual payment basis. The vendor has set up a new Visual Studio Marketplace where you can subscriptions which can be billed with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Microsoft Adds Java Debugging And Language Support For Android To Visual Studio Update

In a bid to make Visual Studio more appealing to mobile application developers, Microsoft has added support for debugging Java source files and for Java language for Android in the new Visual Studio release candidate (RC) update. Here’s what you need to know.

Latest Unity 5 Beta Includes Native Support For Visual Studio Debugging

In Microsoft and Unity’s continuing efforts to make life easier for game developer, the latter has finally integrated Visual Studio debugging into its IDE, meaning users will no longer have to separately install the Unity Tools extension — it’ll just work out of the box.

MS Visual Studio 2015 Will Be Released On July 20th

The latest version of Visual Studio, along with Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET Framework will arrive just before Windows 10 itself on July 20th.

Visual Studio Betas Are Being Aligned With Windows 10 Preview Releases

With Windows 10 due out in just over a month, Microsoft is keen to make sure there are lots of apps available. So it’s not surprising that preview releases for Visual Studio 2015 will now be aligned with the preview updates being sent out via Windows Insider.

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Partnership with Epic, Unity and Cocos2d

Microsoft may have long-retired XNA, its .NET-based game development framework, but it’s still very much supporting games developers. Last year it released the Community Edition of Visual Studio, essentially a “full version” of its programming IDE for hobbyist and professionals alike, as well as Unity Tools for Visual Studio. Now it’s partnered with Epic, Unity and Chukong Technologies (Cocos2d) to more deeply integrate these technologies into Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Community 2013 ls A Free Version Of Microsoft's Popular Developer Suite

Good news for aspiring developers on tight budgets: Microsoft has launched a free version of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Gets Official C# Unity Debugging... At The Cost Of Two Other Languages

Microsoft regularly operates in mysterious ways (Windows 8, anyone?) with one of its more intriguing — and recent — manoeuvres being the acquisition of SyntaxTree. The company is best known for UnityVS, a Visual Studio extension that allows developers to debug games created with Unity 3D in Redmond’s popular IDE. A month after SyntaxTree’s integration into the mothership, Microsoft has released an updated version of UnityVS, renaming it to “Visual Studio Tools for Unity” (VSTU), while also removing the $US99+ price tag.

Use The Shift Key To Work Better In Visual Studio

Visual Studio saw a major update this week, but the developer tool has long boasted a rich set of keyboard shortcuts — so many that there are always new ones to learn. Two very handy options you may not have encountered revolve around the Shift key.

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