Visual Studio Code Now In Anaconda Navigator

Image: MSPowerUser

Microsoft’s free and cross-platform code editor Visual Studio Code will now be included in the Anaconda data science distribution. As Microsoft continues their path to greater cohesion with the open source community and playing nicely with multiple platforms, this is another move that signals Microsoft's continuing commitment to be a part of everyone's computing experience, whether they want to run Microsoft's tools exclusively or not.

As Python is increasingly being used AI developers, and Anaconda is one of the leading Python distributions, this makes sense for Microsoft. Rather than trying to convert the world to their way of doing things, they are moving towards the developers.

When developers install Anaconda Distribution for the first time, an option to install VS Code will appear. This Anaconda extension includes the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code as well as the RedHat YAML extension.

Anaconda 5.1 is available now from here and you can provide feedback to Microsoft at GitHub.


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