Three Big Things From Day One Of Microsoft Build

Three Big Things From Day One Of Microsoft Build
Image: Microsoft

Build is Microsoft’s annual developer conference. It’s a busy couple of weeks for developers with Facebook running their event last week and Google has their event kicking off now as well. Microsoft has announced several new tools and services for developers today. Here’s a snapshot of some of the more interesting announcements.

Microsoft Build is running for three days in Seattle. You can watch a live stream of many of the event keynotes and presentations from the event website.

Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share is a tool that allows developers to edit and debug the same code simultaneously in their their own editor or integrated development environments when they aren’t at the same physical location. Unlike other collaboration tools, where users access a web-based interface Visual Studio Live Share lets developers stay within their own, familiar work environment.

Ongoing pricing to access the service hasn’t been announced but there is the promise of a free service tier.

The preview of Visual Studio Live Share is available to developers from today.

In addition, VS IntelliCode, which helps developers write better code by providing proactive suggestions, is coming out in preview today and there’s an expectation that .NET Core 3 will also see some love later in the conference.

WIndows 10 and Office 365 keep adding users

There are now almost 700 million users running Windows 10 – up by 200 million from the same time last year. And Office 365 is to 135 million monthly active commercial users, a 15% on six months ago.

Given this is a developer conference, this announcement is good news for those looking to enhance their dev skills as, despite the massive mindshare Amazon and others have, there’s still a large and growing audience for software that runs on Microsoft’s platforms.

Microsoft Layout lets you use Hololens to design your home or factory

One of the challenges with new and emerging technology is showing the world what it can do, Hololens is one such technology that is still trying to find a place in mainstream tech world. But a new tool, Microsoft Layout, lets you design homes, buildings and other spaces, allowing you to add and move objects into the 3D space easily.

This works both in completely virtual environments and by using augmented reality to add virtual objects into real-world spaces.

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