TPG's Unlimited NBN Plan Is Finally Here

TPG first announced plans for an “unlimited” broadband service way back in September 2012. That deal is finally available, but as with any purportedly unlimited deal, it pays to read the fine print carefully.

The New NBN: Uncosted, No Upload Speeds And No Timetable

The National Broadband Network (NBN) plan the Coalition took to the 2013 election included a promise that its NBN plans would be subject to a cost-benefit analysis before rollout and that the majority of Australians would be connected to higher-speed services by 2016. Six months later, neither of those things is true anymore.

MyBroadband Details Broadband Options In Your Area (But Often Gets It Wrong)

The newly-launched and government-backed MyBroadband site is designed to offer an indication of the broadband options available for a particular address. However, you can’t actually trust what it says.

Briefly: Hackett On NBN Co, Astonishing YouTube Videos, GOG 'Time Machine' Sale

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Simon Hackett compares NBN Co job to plumbing, get up to 90% off historic PC games at GOG.com, the craziest YouTube clips you will see all day.

Why The NBN Means Australia Post Should Be Privatised

Australia Post, and its predecessors, go back over 200 years. The first Australian postmaster began work in the colony of New South Wales in 1809. At federation, the colonial post offices were combined into the Post Master’s General department, and in 1975 the name ‘Australia Post’ was born. So with such a long history of government ownership, why should Australia Post be privatised?

Malcolm Turnbull's Facebook Q&A: What He Said About The NBN

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull took part in a 15-minute Q&A on Facebook this morning, hosted at Facebook’s Californian HQ. Predictably, the National Broadband Network (NBN) was one of the main issues raised in the 300-odd questions posted by users. Here’s what he said on technology and related topics.

Ask LH: What's Going On With The NBN In Rural Areas?

G’day Lifehacker, What’s going on with the National Broadband Network (NBN) in rural areas. My wife and I are planning to downsize and live the “River Cottage” life in country NSW, and I’m me worried about internet access.

Most Popular NBN Posts Of 2013

Its future form remains far from certain, and the National Broadband Network (NBN) remained an active topic of discussion and news throughout the year. These are the 10 most popular NBN posts from Lifehacker in 2013.

What The NBN Strategic Review Means For Consumers

The strategic review of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been completed, promising to deliver 100Mbps download speeds to two-thirds of Australians by 2019. The review says that is three years earlier than and much cheaper than would have been possible under the preceding Labor developed-plan — but it’s also three years later than the Coalition claimed it would deliver the NBN prior to the election. Regardless of politics, the key takeout is this: when any individual premises will be NBN-enabled is still entirely unclear.

Why It Takes Time For Broadband To Translate To Profit

A new report from the Australian Centre For Broadband Innovation highlights some of the ways in which high-speed broadband can be more effectively used by businesses. One key reminder in the Broadband Impacts And Challenges report? You can’t expect to turn a profit from new technology immediately upon its introduction.