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NBN Rethink: Why We Need 'Fibre-To-The-Driveway' Right Now

Ever since the Coalition government came into power and declared it will use the fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) model for the National Broadband Network (NBN), experts and vocal technology-conscious citizens have been up in arms about it. But the argument against FTTN has been mounting for years. Faced with overwhelming evidence and new technology alternatives, the Government can no longer ignore that their NBN vision is short-sighted. They need to act now instead of dooming us to an archaic broadband network just to save face. Here are four reasons why fibre-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) needs to be adopted for the NBN.

A Non-Sensationalist Look At Australian Internet Speeds

Australia dropped down to 48th place in a global average broadband connection speed rankings list published by Akamai Technologies. Naturally, people have come out to deride Australia’s broadband situation and criticise the colossal mess that is the National Broadband Network (NBN), but let’s all put down our pitchforks, take a collective deep breath and look at the results more closely.

The Internet In Numbers [Infographic]

Over the past two decades, the world wide web has massively changed the way we live, communicate and do business. The internet is responsible for trillions of dollars in direct and indirect revenue annually and its importance will only continue to grow. This infographic from Hosting Facts is a fascinating compendium of internet facts and statistics from across the globe; from the country with the highest internet penetration (Bermuda) to the number of active Facebook users in the world (lots).

'FTTN Makes No Sense': The State Of The NBN, According To The Experts

Is the rollout for Australia’s National Broadband Network on track? Are we employing the right technology for the job? Will the NBN be fast enough to handle future demands? Here’s what five of Australia’s leading academic experts have to say.

Is Fibre-To-The-Premises Back On The NBN Agenda?

The Australian chapter of the global Internet Society has urged the government to re-assess its mixed technology model for the National Broadband Network during a Senate inquiry on Friday. Previously technology agnostic, the Internet Australia (IA) organisation changed its tune after the release of new fibre costings. It seems practically everyone wants an FTTP solution now, but will the government actually listen?

NBN Rollout Report: Slower, More Expensive

The Liberal Government’s “faster, cheaper” National Broadband Network is facing significant delays and budget blowouts, according to a leaked progress report obtained by Fairfax Media. The internal documents reveal that the project has fallen two-thirds short of its benchmark construction timetable with connection costs leaping by 23 per cent. Nice slogan, though.

How Fast Is The NBN In Its Current Form?

There has been a lot of talk about the National Broadband Network in its various guises under the Labor and now Liberal governments. But how fast really is it in its current form? How does it compare to today’s ADSL and broadband internationally? And, crucially, how long will it take to download an episode of Parks and Recreation? You’ll find the answers here.

Telco Complaints At Their Lowest In Almost A Decade: TIO

The number of complaints sent to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) are at their lowest level in nine years. On the whole, customers are more satisfied with the telco services they pay for, particularly when it comes to mobile coverage. However, complaints relating to internet services are on the rise with NBN causing more ire than ever.

Ask LH: How Does The NBN Actually Work?

Dear Lifehacker, I have been searching fruitlessly for a technical overview of how the NBN works, from the node or box in the home, to the ISP, etc. It seems that the NBN owns all the network termination devices, but how does the data flow?

Here's What NBN Had To Say About Claims That FTTP Is Better Value Than FTTN

Research has revealed the longer term costs and savings of Fibre To The Premises when compared to Fibre To The Node, but NBN says a fast rollout is priority.

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