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Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from last week.

Instantly Free Up 1GB On Your Raspberry Pi By Ditching LibreOffice And Wolfram

One of the really nice things about the newest builds of Raspbian is that it comes with just about all the software you need to get running. The downside of that is that all that software takes up a ton of space. points out you can quickly snag about a 1GB back by deleting two apps: LibreOffice and Wolfram.

Open365 Is An Open Source Alternative To Microsoft Office 365

Windows/Mac/Linux/Android: One of Microsoft Office 365 program’s chief advantages over open source alternatives is the ability to sync documents via the cloud so that you can edit them everywhere. Open365 has stepped up to finally match this feature set.

The Mirrored Colour Dual-Monitor Desktop

We don’t highlight dual display desktops nearly as often as I’d like, so when orbmeiser submitted this dual monitor setup, I took notice. He’s running Netrunner Linux on dual displays, and here’s what he used to set everything up.

Microsoft Provides In-Depth Look At The Linux On Windows Subsystem

Now that we’ve had a chance to come to terms with the whole Bash on Windows thing, it’s time Microsoft delivered a deeper look at how the integration works. For the curious, that explainer — the first of a series — is finally here.

Build Your Own Speedy Little Linux-Powered DIY Router

Building your own router might sound like a fools errand, but Ars Technica found that it was not only pretty simple, it also produced better results than most commercial options.

The Buncho Desktop

Our friend and frequent featured desktop contributor Dobbie03 has switched from Windows back to Linux, and with gusto — his new Arch Linux desktop looks sharp. It’s well-customised to fit his workflow, and we love Java Sparrows (aka bunchos.) Here’s how he set it all up.

Don't Like Bash On Windows 10? Try The Fish Shell Instead

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was bringing the Bash Shell on Ubuntu Linux to Windows 10 through the upcoming Anniversary update. Officially, you can only run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 but there are ways to install a different command line shell, such as the friendly interactive shell (fish). Here are the details.

The Tropical Desktop

This desktop, sent in by reader Amy, brings a little summertime to our screens, which we can always appreciate. Best of all, it’s pretty streamlined and doesn’t require a ton of tweaking to get just right. If you want the same look, here’s how Amy did it.

New Windows 10 Preview Build Includes Bash Support And Cortana Tricks

Everybody lost their minds when Microsoft dropped the bombshell that it was bringing Linux Bash to Windows 10 for the upcoming Anniversary update. Windows Insiders will have fun with this feature ahead of everybody else through the new Windows 10 Preview Build 14316 which also adds a ton of nifty Cortana improvements. Here are the details.

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