Build Your Own Magnetic Cable Catcher With Repurposed Materials

Magnetic cable catchers like the MOS Organiser are great, but they’re fdairly expensive considering it’s just a block of magnets. If you’d prefer to make one for yourself, Makeuseof has a guide for doing it with repurposed materials.

Tame Under-The-Desk Cables With A Broken Three-Ring Binder

You can buy all kinds of different products to help you tame cable clutter under your desk, but it’s just as easy to make something for yourself. I tamed mine using the metal rings from a broken three-ring binder.

Braid Long Cords For Better Cable Management

Some headphones come with crazy long cords, which makes managing them a pain. If you have any long cable that you use often, then consider braiding them.

The Brilliant Cord-Wrangling Workstation For Two

It’s hard enough to keep one workstation’s mishmash of cables and cords out of sight. This home office manages to corral those cables for two computers — resulting in a clean and aesthetically pleasing space for two.

Corral Cables On Your Desk With Bread Tags

If your desk is too thick for the old binder clip cable organising hack or you don’t want to dent your furniture, try this other ingenious alternative: a bread tag.

Wrangle Your Cables With Paper Towel Tubes

While it might not be as effective as a rain gutter, a paper towel or toilet paper tube can get the job done for simple cable management behind your desk.

Use Split Loom Tubing To Protect Pets From Power Cords

If you’ve ever had a puppy or a particularly suicidal cat, you know pets have a strange desire to chew on power cords. This causes all sorts of problems. Over on Cool Tools, they recommend cheap plastic tubing to keep your cords safe.

Organise Small Cords With Springs And Magnets

We’ve shared countless methods for managing your cables, but if you have one that you need to unplug or move around frequently, your best bet might be a magnet and a small spring.

Ask LH: How Can I Keep My Laptop's Power Cord From Getting Damaged?

Dear Lifehacker, I move my laptop around a lot, and the power cord often gets bent in every possible place. Over time the bends stick in this position, some ends fray, and I end up having to replace it. How can I take care of it so I’m not buying another one in six months? Thanks, Crazy Cables

Props Keeps Your Headphones Untangled

If you use earbuds to listen to music, you probably have them with you but not necessarily wearing them all the time. You may need to take them out to interact with another person or when you want a break from listening to your music. When that happens, you have to solve the problem of where to put those earphones. Props solves that problem for you.