These Extra-Long Charging Cables are the Answer to Your WFH Prayers

These Extra-Long Charging Cables are the Answer to Your WFH Prayers
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Technology has officially advanced far enough that there’s no excuse for any of us to be sitting directly next to a power point with a short charging cable if we want to use our phones while they charge.

If you haven’t yet invested in a charging cable that you can practically use halfway across the room, there’s a chance you’re still sticking it out with the standard-issued chargers that come with the box of your new piece of tech.

Once you’ve experienced life with a long charger, you’ll never go back. Life is too short to be craning your neck over the bed as you send that last text before drifting off to sleep.

Here are the best long charging cables that’ll withstand the test of time and make your daily tasks that much easier.

Lightning chargers

Native Union Night Cable (10ft), $65.54

Charging Cables
A 10-foot charger might seem excessive, however, this Native Union cable promises not to lose any charging power just from sheer length alone.

The monster cable offers high-speed charges up to 2.4amps with reinforced O-Flex strain relief, making it 6x stronger than a standard lightning charger.

You can buy the Native Union Night Cable (10ft) ($65.54) from Amazon here. 

Alternative lengths:
6.5ft$64.95 from Amazon
 – $39.95 from Amazon

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable (6ft), $15.40

Charging Cables
If you’re looking for a cheaper cable that still gets the job done, the AmazonBasics version is a stellar option.

For around $13, the cheapest option of the bunch is also Apple certified and is equipped with additional protection to reduce fraying.

Alternative lengths:
3ft$14.65 from Amazon

You can buy the AmazonBasics Lightning Cable (6ft) ($15.40) from Amazon here.

USB-C chargers

Belkin Hi-Speed Cable (6ft), $29.95

Charging Cables
The 6ft Belkin Hi-Speed cable focuses predominantly on speed, which is a crucial consideration to make when branching out to longer cables.

Charging with a power output of up to 3 amps, the Belkin is also equipped with a welded metal shield and a USB-IF certification.

You can buy the Belkin Hi-Speed Cable (6ft) ($29.95) from Amazon here.

Fasgear USB Type C Cable (10ft), $7.64


The thicker interior wire cores and lower resistance ensures a faster charge up to 3A. Experience up to 480Mbps transfer speeds which can save you more time. With powerline 21 AWG pure copper and data line 27AWG tinned copper, the inner material is of high quality making it durable and sturdy. Plus, it reaches up to 10ft, which is excellent for those of us with powerpoints far from our beds.

You can buy the Fasgear USB Type C Cable (10ft) ($7.64) from Amazon here. 

Micro-USB chargers

RAMPOW Black Fishnet Cable (6.5ft), $47.40

micro USB cable
The RAMPOW fishnet cable is longer than most people need, sure, but its nylon-braided exterior and stainless steel and aluminium connectors indicate that it can withstand a couple of twists if you’re looking to shorten it.

It also supports QuickCharge 2.0 and can charge up to 2.4 amps which is perfectly formidable.

Abetcabe USB Cable 15ft, $13.38

usb cable

This Abetcabe USB cable is just the right length to work hassle-free for hard-to-reach USB ports and out-of-sight wall chargers. It’s designed with ultra-thick 28/21 AWG tinned copper diameter-low resistance to support high-speed heavy load charging and error-free 480 Mbps data transfers via USB 2.0.

You can buy the Abetcabe USB Cable 15ft ($13.38) from Amazon here



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