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Muscle Rings Build Strength Without The Gym

If you’re a fan of bodyweight workouts, you’ll dig muscle rings. Similar to suspension trainers like TRX, muscle rings are versatile, portable and, more importantly, let you get a fierce upper body workout anywhere.

Build A Multi-System Retro Game Controller That Works With Nintendo, Sega And Atari

A lot of us might prefer to use official controllers for retro games, but not everyone feels like having a ton of different controllers sitting around. Ben Heck decided to make a universal controller.

The Differences Between Shaking And Stirring A Cocktail

It might seem odd if a cocktail recipe calls for the drink being shaken and not stirred, but there’s good reason for it. Here’s how shaking or stirring a cocktail can change its flavour and consistency, and when you should do each method.

This Video Walks You Through The History Of The Battery

Batteries are something most of us use every day, but few of us really know much about where they come from. If you’re a DIYer, the evolution of components is an important facet of understanding how they work, and over at Adafruit, they have taken the time to teach just that in a quick video.

Focus On The Basics To Get All The Benefits Of Front Squats, Even With Poor Mobility

The front squat is a great exercise, but it’s less forgiving than squats if you’re not mobile or healthy enough in places like your shoulders.┬áDon’t miss out on the benefits though — focus on the basics, like your hand, elbow and bar placement and take it slow. This video explains how.

Meet Switch: Nintendo's Crazy-Arse New Console

The successor to the Wii U has arrived and it’s called the Switch. It’s portable, it’s cute and it’s weird as all get out. Watch the three-minute Nintendo Switch trailer right here.

Build Your Own Wall Mounted Small Parts Organiser

Keeping track of a bunch of tiny little parts for DIY projects is always a bit of a chore. Over on YouTube, DIYer Darbin Orvar shows off one solution with a wall-mounted cabinet built out of cheap MDF.

Build A Lamp That Changes Colour Based On The Weather Forecast

Weather forecasts certainly aren’t hard to come by, but if you’re looking for something super easy to glance at, DJAkbar’s GitHub page has a guide for making a lamp that changes colour based on the forecast for the day.

The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Credit Card 'Vishing' Scams

“Vishing”, or voice-based phishing, is a method used by identity thieves to steal your credit card number and other personal information over the phone. Here’s how to tell if a call is actually from a scammer, and the best way to handle the situation if you’re not sure.

Quickly Clean Your Car Air Vents With A Foam Paint Brush

Car air vents can get pretty dusty over time, but getting between those narrow slots makes them tough to clean with just a rag. If you need some extra reach, you can get a reusable tool that will take care of the job for about $1.

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