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Use This Blend Mode In Photoshop To Perfectly Align Images

If you’re working on an image in Photoshop that’s cut into numerous sections, sometimes you find yourself needing to carefully align the different layers just by eye. Set one layer to the “difference” blend mode, though and it’s infinitely easier.

How Free-to-Play Games Like Pokemon GO Actually Make Money

Many of the world’s most popular games are free-to-play, yet they still manage to make a lot of money. Here’s a simple explanation of how they work, and why they’re able to get people to for over their cash for something that’s technically 100 per cent free.

Top 9 YouTube Channels To Inspire You To Get Outside

The weather is improving — slowly — and your urge to venture outside grows. Whether it’s a huge national park or just a green space closer to home, here are some channels that will inspire you to get out and explore.

Make A DIY Paracord Belt With Survival Pack Belt Buckle

I’m always a sucker for DIY survival gear and this paracord belt really fits the bill. It even includes a full survival kit turned into the belt’s buckle.

Three Tips To Help You Cut Down On Magazine Clutter

If you still enjoy reading non-digital magazines, you probably know they can become a clutter nuisance if left unattended. The beautiful photos, glossy pages and book-like form makes it easier to get attached to them. These tips will help you prune your collection, while saving the stuff you love.

Transform An Old Men's Dress Shirt Into A Toddler's Dress

If you have a dress shirt that’s on the way out, or has seen better days, you can transform it into an adorable dress for a toddler or small child with just a few steps. This video shows you how.

The Safe Way To Prune A Branch Without Damaging The Tree

When you need to cut off a dead tree branch you might think you can just hack away until it falls off, but properly caring for you trees requires a little more finesse. In this video from This Old House, we learn how to prune a branch without damaging the tree.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

Some truly gross stories of bad gym behaviour, an uplifting visit to a tea farm that’s been operating for over 600 years and how to get over the whole “X years experience required” in a job application in this week’s Thinking Cap!

Google Introduces Bubble Zoom, The Coolest Way To Read Comics In Play Books

Android: Google Play Books is already our favourite ereader, but it’s quickly becoming our favourite comic book reader as well. Google has just announced a new feature that highlights text bubbles as you read comics in Play Books.

Turn An Old Mobile Phone Into A Smartwatch With A Genuino

Have an ancient mobile phone sitting around? Tinkernut shows you how to make use of it by turning it into a smartwatch with a Genuino brain.

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