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This Video Teaches You How To Overcome Being Nervous

Video: When you’re about to give a presentation or have a difficult conversation, your body might respond in the least helpful way ever: by getting nervous. This video offers a ton of helpful tips on how to deal with a nervous response.

SoloLearn Teaches Coding Basics In Bite-Sized Lessons Every Day

Android/iOS/Windows/Web: Learning how to code is normally a time-consuming process. SoloLearn aims to make it easier by breaking down programming concepts into quick, digestible daily lessons.

Fold Socks Instead Of Rolling Them For Better Organisation

Video: How do you put away your socks? You probably roll them, right? Perhaps with the Army Ranger roll? Folding your socks into origami-like squares might be more space-efficient.

There's No Such Thing As 'Negative Kilojoule Foods'

You’ve probably been told at some point that eating celery actually burns more kilojoules than it contains. While celery is low in kilojoules and makes for a refreshing snack, there are no foods out there that count as negative kilojoules.

The Rock Clock Alarm App Keeps You Motivated And Ditches The Snooze Button

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the pro wrestler turned actor, released a motivational alarm clock app on iOS and Android yesterday. Do you smell what The Rock is clockin’?

Build A Low-Light Streaming Video Baby Monitor With A Raspberry Pi

If you’re looking for a DIY way to keep an eye on your baby, Element 14 has put together a guide that shows off how to build your own night vision camera with motion detection using a Raspberry Pi.

Strike A Match On Other Matches If You Don't Have The Strike Anywhere Kind

If you don’t have strike anywhere matches, and the striking surface on your matchbox has worn out, this last resort trick can help you get a fire going.

Make A Temperature Indicator For Your Tap With Thermochromatic Pigment

It can take a while for water running from the tap to get hot. Yeah, you can wait around with your finger under the water, but it would be a lot easier if you could see when it’s finally hot. This clever DIY temperature indicator lets you do just that.

Batch Resize Images In OS X With This Automator Script

If you need to resize a bunch of images on your Mac, Automator is the way to do it in one fell swoop. 9to5Mac shows off how to quickly make your own Automator service for doing just that.

The Psychological Factors That Cause Food Cravings

We all get cravings for specific foods every now and then, and those cravings can be so strong, they almost feel involuntary, like your body is missing some nutrient it can get from a muffin. This isn’t typically how cravings work, though.

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