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Push Launcher Puts Shortcuts To Apps In Your Notification Center

iOS: Unlike Android, the iPhone doesn’t have app launchers that make it easy to find and load apps. Subsequently, you need to make use of workarounds to make shortcuts for your favourite apps from places other than the home screen. Push Launcher is an app that does that by adding your apps to your Notification Center.

WinLaunch Brings OS X's Launchpad To Windows

Windows: It might not be the fastest way to launch apps, but OS X’s Launchpad is intuitive and easy for everyone to understand. If you’re hoping to get the same feature on your Windows machine, WinLaunch is the solution.

App Directory: The Best Application Launcher For Android

One of the best things about Android is being able to customise everything about your home screen, which you can do with a third-party application launcher. Android has plenty of great ones, but our favourite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customisability.

Apex Launcher Updates With A New UI, Badges And DashClock Support

Android: Apex Launcher, one of our favourite Android launchers, unveiled a major update today. It now features a new UI, faster animations and transitions, better overall performance, and support for DashClock Widget, the lockscreen utility we also love.

Buzz Launcher Is Packed With Customisation Tools And User Themes

Android (4.0+): If you like tweaking and customising your Android phone’s look and feel, Buzz Launcher is the launcher you’ve been waiting for. It’s in beta, but it already packs lots of layout options, widgets, downloadable themes and gesture controls.

Action Launcher Pro Puts Widgets, Folders, And Shortcuts A Gesture Away

Android (4.0+): We’ve looked at some awesome app switchers in the past, but Action Launcher Pro takes the idea of launching apps, checking widgets and managing folders with gestures to a whole new level. Where Action Launcher Pro really shines is in its gestures.

Facebook Home Brings Friend-Focused Home And Lock Screens To Android

Facebook is not making its own phone, or a version of Android, because Facebook thinks Android works just fine. Its Facebook Home suite of apps, announced today, replaces the lock and home screens that normally hold your Android apps with updates, pictures and messaging, all delivered through Facebook.

How To Automate Anything With Alfred Workflows

Last month, Mac application launcher Alfred updated with a lot of improvements. The most interesting feature is the new Workflows system that makes it easy for you to create your own speed-boosting shortcuts.

Alfred Updates With Extra Speed, New Features And Complex Workflows

Mac: Alfred, our favourite desktop search program and one of our favourite application launchers, just updated to version 2, almost completely rewritten from the ground up for speed and a few new features.

Sidebar Is A Smart, Customisable App Switcher For Android

Android: Sidebar is an application switcher that lives on the side of your screen, ready to launch your favourite apps or switch between ones already open with a single swipe. It’s fast, flexible, and it lets you customise the apps in the drawer so it’s not cluttered with shortcuts you don’t need.