Opal Card Study Finds More Than 60% Of Commuters Are Worse Off

An independent study from the makers of personal finance app Pocketbook has found that most Sydney commuters are spending 10-15% extra on their weekly travel since Opal cards replaced paper tickets. Only around 14 per cent are better off.

The Best Way To Hold Your Hands During A Plane Crash

We’re probably all familiar with the brace position — that curled-up posture passengers are advised to adopt in the event of an emergency plane landing. The details of the proper way to get into that position, however, might not be universally known.

Find Out A Sold-Out Hotel's Cancellation Penalty Date To Score A Room

Sometimes you want to stay at a certain hotel only to find out it is completely booked. Wendy Parrin at Conde Nast Traveller recommends finding out the hotel’s cancellation policy and snagging a room that someone else lets go.

How To Do Laundry While Travelling

Whether you’re scaling mountains or sipping drinks on a luxury cruise ship, one thing stays the same: your laundry piles up. Keep your clothes fresh with these simple steps.

Know Some Unique Alcohol Drinking Customs With This Infographic

The next time you have friends over for drinks, you might show off a few new customs. Some of them might leave you scratching your head a bit, but this graphic tells you 25 different drinking customs around the world.

Wayfare Shows You The World By Connecting You With People Far Away

Android/iOS: Travelling is a great way to expand your horizons and learn about the world beyond your doorstep, but you can’t travel all the time. Wayfare, a new mobile app, wants to help you explore far off places by connecting you with the people that live there. Here’s how it works.

Drive On Sundays In Europe To Avoid Truckers

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a truck during a trip, you know how frustrating it is. Richard Guy Martin at Conde Nast Traveller advises that if you’re in Europe, drive on Sundays to avoid this exact situation.

Ask LH: How Can I Minimise iPhone Data Usage When Travelling?

Hey Lifehacker, I am heading overseas and want to minimise my data usage on my iPhone. Which settings do I need?

Make Your Android's GPS Lock Faster With A Config File Edit

Android: If your GPS is taking forever to lock, this manual tweak will help your device communicate with the closest server.

Learn Some Local Slang For Major International Cities

We’ve mentioned before that knowing a few words in the native language can help improve your travel experience. Knowing some of the local slang can help, too — though it’s a bit tougher. Natalie Holmes at Conde Nast Traveller lays out local slang for a few major international cities.