Use A Pill Box To Organise Jewellery And Small Items While Travelling

Tiny things don’t have a place in most suitcases — they can easily get lost in pockets or fall out of bags. To avoid this, keep your jewellery and other small items in a pill box.

How To Save Money On Food While Travelling

Food is one of biggest top expenses during travel, and one of the main areas you can cut costs. Sometimes it is worth it to spend the extra cash on a memorable meal, but not every meal falls into that category. Here are five ways to save on food expenses during your trip.

What To Do When You Have Nowhere To Sleep

Sometimes your travel plans just don’t work out and you’re stuck in a city with no place to stay. Maybe the hotel was overbooked or your friends are unexpectedly out of town, and you need to find a last-minute place to sleep. Here are a few options you can try when you need to take a rest.

Find The Right Bike Size For You With These Measurements

When you buy a bike, it’s best to try potential choices out for size. But you can get a good idea of what size to start with by measuring your inseam.

Keep Kids Occupied During Travel By Spreading Out Activities

Plan to take a trip with kids soon? Conde Nast Traveller suggests you keep them busy during the travel portion by only allowing them to start a new activity every 15 minutes. This makes the entertainment you brought last longer as well as teaching them patience.

Jetstar Is Cutting Its Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Jetstar hasn’t made it easy this year to dodge its baggage fees. On top of random weigh-ins at the gate for carry-on baggage, it is now cutting the carry-on allowance on most of its flights from 10kg to 7kg.

Ask LH: Can I Speed Up My P-Plate Qualifying By Moving?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a 25 year old P-plater from NSW who is planning to move to Victoria. If I transfer my license to Victoria, will I escape the last year of my P-plate restriction? Which set of rules apply?

Apps That Work Without Paying For In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi is a very handy option when you’re travelling overseas, but it doesn’t come cheap. Erica Ho at Map Happy found that many Google apps, as well as a few others, work on your smartphone without paying once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network on the plane.

How To Charter A Boat For Travel

If you want to try something new for your next trip, charter a boat. You get all the fun of sailing without the year round cost of docking and maintaining it.

Boost Your Chances Of A Hotel Upgrade By Checking In Late In The Day

A nicer room can make your trip a lot better and you can often get one by just asking. Travel+Leisure recommends checking in later in the day to increase your odds, when the hotel staff have a better idea of their room inventory for the night.