This Map Shows The Power Adaptors You Need For Different Countries

If you plan on travelling internationally, be sure you have everything you need to charge up your devices. This map shows what sockets are common in each country of the world and the plugs you’ll need there.

Tiger Airways Is About To Get Even Narkier About Carry-On Baggage

Earlier this month, Jetstar announced it was going to start actively policing carry-on baggage to make sure people weren’t trying to shirk its weight and size rules. Now fellow low-cost carrier Tiger Airways Australia is doing the same thing.

Be Wary When Airlines Offer You A Replacement Suitcase

If your suitcase gets damaged at the airport, it’s not uncommon for staff to offer an on-the-spot replacement. It turns out this can be a bad idea. Earlier today, a Sydney Airport customer was accidentally given a replacement bag that contained 230 grams of plastic explosives. Oops.

Tip This Much Shows Tips In Different Countries And Calculates Bills

Web: If you’re in a new country and unsure of how much you should tip, head to Tip This Much to find out. The web app works perfectly on desktop as well as mobile.

How To Have A 'Local Experience' When Travelling

Travel is often more rewarding when you experience a new place from a native perspective. Here are some tips for creating as authentic a local experience as possible.

Ask LH: Does My Travel Agent Have To Tell Me About Hotel Taxes And Surcharges?

Dear Lifehacker, I have recently booked a holiday abroad through a large travel agency. When the confirmation was sent through we have seen that we have to pay the hotel a surcharge for facilities and another surcharge for house cleaning services. Both of these amounts will have tax on top and are to be paid locally to the hotel. When we booked the travel through the Australian travel agency we were not informed of these costs and were not made aware of these extras. Is it legal for extras to be included in this way, or does it break rules about pricing?

Have Your Toiletries Bag Do Double-Duty As A Clutch

If you need to lighten the load in your suitcase, one item can often serve multiple functions. For instance: use the same zippered bag to carry your toiletries to your destination and as a clutch during your daily adventures.

Ask LH: Can I Transfer Google Maps Engine Maps To Android?

Dear Lifehacker, I am planning a motorcycle ride from Melbourne to Brisbane via many back roads to enjoy the scenery. I have created a map with Google Maps Engine but have had no joy in attempting to use the new navigation abilities of the Google Maps Android app to direct me on my route. Is it possible to do that?

This Infographic Breaks Down The Most Common Travel Scams By Country

Keeping yourself, your money, and your possessions safe during travel is important. This can be especially daunting when you stick out as a tourist, making you an easy mark to spot for local tricksters.

Plane Finder Tracks Your Flight In Real Time

Web/iOS/Android: Plane Finder delivers next-level flight tracking in real time. You open the app to a world map of 12,000+ planes moving in real time, complete with a search feature, so you can see where the flight you’re tracking is at at any moment.