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Get More Out Of Your Museum Experience By Avoiding 'Museum Fatigue'

You might find your museum experience more enjoyable if you actually spend less time inside, and spread it out over a few visits.

The Best Tips For Finding Cheap Airfare With Google Flights

Google Flights is a solid tool for booking travel. You’re probably already familiar with its basic functions, like finding the best price for flights and browsing flexible dates that can save you money and time. However, there are some other, lesser-known features that can help you squeeze even more out of your travel budget.

Sell Your Vacation Photos To Help Offset The Cost Of Your Trip

If you’re already taking photos of your trip, you might as well make a couple bucks off them (and you don’t need a fancy camera to do it.) You won’t get rich, but you may be able to cover the cost of souvenirs or a nice meal.

Ask LH: Should I Contest This Traffic Fine?

Dear Lifehacker, I received an infringement from the police for not stopping at a Give Way sign which I didn’t notice was there. However, I believe another involved driver was at fault. When I attempted to turn right, the other car wasn’t there. The only reason they did an emergency stop was because they failed to notice me on the road. The police said I failed to stop and gave me a ticket anyway. Do you think I have a chance to win the appeal?

Comfortably Relieve Ear Pain When Flying With This Technique

Ear pain caused by air pressure changes is an unfortunate side effect of flying. This physician-recommended method for relieving that pain is simple and more comfortable than some of the alternative methods out there.

Lonely Planet's New Mobile Guides Help You Discover Cities Around The Globe

Android/iOS: Lonely Planet is well known for their city guides, designed to help travellers around the globe make the most of their trips, and their new mobile app, Guides, brings all of that great information to your smartphone.

This Video Shows Simple Survival Tricks Using Everyday Objects

YouTuber HouseholdHacker shares clever ways to survive the great outdoors in the video above, including tips like protecting matches in a Tic Tac container and using a soda can tab as a fish hook.

Avoid Tourist Crowds By Staying Where They Can't

Travelling in the off season is the best way to score deals and avoid mobs of tourists, but you can’t always travel in the off season. Beat the tourist crowds and get a more intimate travel experience by staying where large groups just won’t fit because amenities can’t accommodate them.

Should Motorists Be Fined For Closely Passing Cyclists?

Depending on who you ask, bicycles are either bona fide vehicles that deserve equal road rights, or a colossal pain in the arse that should be relegated to the footpath. Here’s some news that is sure to rile up people in the second camp: police in South Australia have started fining motorists who pass cyclists too closely. Under the new laws, a gap of one metre or less can result in a $347 fine and the loss of two demerit points. We’re keen to read your thoughts.

Visit Markets Instead Of Fancy Restaurants To Discover Local Cuisine When Travelling

Seeing how locals live and eat is probably one of the main reasons you travel. One way to explore the regional cuisine and find out what locals really eat, according to Anthony Bourdain, is to visit a local open air or grocery market.

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