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Ghost Tours Can Be A Great Way To Learn A New Side Of Your City's History

Ghost tours seem like a cheesy, but necessary experience around Halloween, but over at The Verge, Kaitlyn Tiffany argues that they’re a surprisingly useful means to learn more about your city.

These Translated Allergy Cards Make Your Food Allergies Known Wherever You Travel 

If you have dietary restrictions, eating at restaurants in another country when you can’t speak the language can be a difficult or sometimes even life-threatening ordeal. Pocket-size, translated cards to show the restaurant staff can make things a little less stressful. Just make sure they include a couple of important details.

All Tesla Cars Will Now Come With Self-Driving Technology

It might not be ‘flying cars’, but the future of automobiles just got a whole lot more interesting. Tesla has announced that every car it manufacturers — including the entry-level Model 3 — will come equipped with full self-driving features. What a time to be alive.

Google Flights And Hotels Upgrade To Make It Even Easier To Get The Best Prices

Google Flights is already awesome for searching and tracking flight prices. However, they just updated the tool to make it even more useful: It will now tell you when to book to get the best deal.

Check Airline Punctuality And Reliability Before You Fly With These Monthly Reports

Ticket price and fees are likely the first thing you think about when picking an airline, but there are a lot of other key factors, like flight delay records and how often cancellation occurs. See how the airlines you’re considering measure up with the The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) monthly air travel reports.

Is It Legal To Become A Citizen Of An Off-World Nation?

Donald Trump has a shot at becoming one of the world’s most powerful men. We’ve reached the carbon tipping point for Global Warming on Earth. Pauline Hanson is on the Australian Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) committee. Kind of makes you want to jump on a spaceship and leave this world behind, doesn’t it?

Good news! You can sign up to become a citizen of Asgardia, a space-based nation that is currently at the early planning stage. So how would that work out for Australian citizens? Will you lose your citizenship if you want to be a part of Asgardia? Let’s find out.

You Can Use A Lighter To Start A Campfire Even If It's Broken

Packing a cheap lighter with your outdoor gear is always a good idea. Even if it runs out of fuel or the plastic casing breaks, it’s still a great fire-starting tool.

12 (Mostly) Harmless Foods That Are Banned Around The World

Practically every country has implemented a handful of food bans that seem strange and arbitrary to outsiders. (In Australia, it’s antibiotic- and certain hormone-infused meats, which are perfectly legal in many other countries.) If you’re planning to travel abroad, it pays to know which everyday foodstuffs might get you in trouble at your destination. This infographic looks at 12 unusual examples, from jelly cups (banned in Europe) to Kangaroo meat (banned in California.)

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Officially Banned On All Qantas And Virgin Flights

Hot on the heels of the FAA’s decision in the US to ban Samsung’s ignition-happy Galaxy Note7 on all flights, local carriers Qantas and Virgin yesterday announced a similar stance, effective immediately.

Book Holiday Flights Now To Avoid Rising Fares

Year to year, the cheapest time to book holiday flights changes a little bit, but it is always in the spring. According to Hopper, now is the best time to buy your plane tickets to save for Christmas travel.

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