Shop For Carry-On Luggage Without External Pockets For Easier Flying

You can save time and hassle by never checking in luggage when flying. Consumer Reports has put together a short video with tips on how to buy carry-on luggage, including avoiding exterior pouches since they can make your bag too big.

ACCC Takes Petrol Giants To Court Over Price Sharing

Consumer regulator the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is sometimes criticised for not doing more to ensure petrol pricing is fair and competitive. That situation appears to have reversed dramatically today, with the ACCC taking Woolworths, Coles, 7-Eleven, BP and Caltex to court over allegations of “price sharing” that has reduced competition in the petrol market.

Schedule Your Workouts When On The Road To Stay Committed To Fitness

When travelling for work or pleasure, it’s tempting to avoid exercise. Many of us get too busy or just slack off. Schedule a time and place for your workouts in advance to keep yourself accountable.

4 Things To Remember When Teaching Your Kids To Drive

Learner drivers and parents are often thrown in the deep end when it comes to learning to drive and recording hours in the logbook. As part of a unique approach to improving young driver road safety, I asked learners what they want parents to know about learning to drive. The following take-home messages emerged.

When Hotels Are Cheaper In 25 Major Cities

Choosing the right time to travel can make a big difference to how much you spend. This infographic identifies the cheapest months to stay in 25 major cities around the world.

Remember The 'One In The Air Is Two On The Ground' Rule When Flying

If you fancy an alcoholic drink or two when you’re on a plane, keep in mind that the drinks could affect you more than they would if you were on land.

HouseTrip For iOS Finds Things For You To Do On Holidays

HouseTrip is a service similar to Airbnb that puts holiday homeowners in contact with people looking for a short-term rental. The new iOS app includes a messaging tool so you can speak to the homeowner, alerts you to attractions in the area, and helps you to plan your itinerary.

Get On A Flight Attendant's Good Side By Giving Them A Pen

Flight attendants’ primary duty is passenger safety, but they also assist airline customers with all sorts of requests. Flight attendants get asked for pens all the time, so if you can spare a pen, you’ll quickly win flight attendants to your side.

Reminder: You Have Less Than One Month To Buy A Yearly NSW Transport Ticket Before Opal Takes Over

NSW’s “tap-to-pay” public transport system will be replacing a swathe of paper tickets from 1 September. The switch to Opal is going to cost yearly and quarterly train ticket buyers hundreds of extra dollars per year. Thankfully, you still have a few weeks left to arrange a 12-month reprieve. Get in while you’ve got the chance.

Google Maps Now Covers The Moon And Mars

You won’t be able to use your bicycle for this one: Google Maps now lets you tour the surface of the Moon and Mars.