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How To Follow Correct Table Manners Around The World [Infographic]

If you frequently travel overseas, keeping abreast of dining etiquette can be surprisingly tough: what flies in one country might be considered poor manners in another, and vice-versa. This infographic from private accomodation site Wimdu explains ten unusual customs from food tables around the world.

Make An On-the-Go Maker's Kit To Stave Off Boredom

Sometimes you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of free time on your hands. To counter boredom, Instructables user seamster built a little kit so tinkering can happen anywhere.

Use Pet Tag Engraving For Cheap, Durable Luggage Or Key Tags

If you’ve ever been to a pet store, you might have seen pet tag vending machines that can quickly and cheaply engrave tags for your pets. However, you can also use these to make sturdy tags for your luggage, or even your keys.

Google Maps Now Supported On Apple Watch

Google has updated its Maps app for iOS and has added support for Apple Watch. Here’s what else is new.

Request A Bassinet To Keep Your Baby Comfortable And Quiet On Long Flights

Flying with a baby can be a headache. Here’s one way to make at least the flight go smoothly: Request a bassinet (or cradle) from your airline if you’re taking a long haul. You’ll get some legroom and baby gets to be comfortable.

Never Forget Your Phone Charger At A Hotel With This Suitcase Trick

You’re on your way to the airport and it hits you: you left your phone charger in the hotel room. It’s too late to go back for it now. This simple trick will make sure you never leave it behind again.

The U.S. Cities Where You'll Spend The Most Time Sitting In Traffic

Work commutes can really suck, especially when it takes two hours to travel 16km. If you’re planning a permanent move to the US, it pays to know which cities have the worst congestion. Some proactive analysts calculated the cities where you’ll spend the most time just sitting in traffic: something all Aussie expatriates should consider.

Put Together A 'Packet Of Power' In Case Your Flight Is Cancelled

Having the right information on hand when your flight gets cancelled can mean the difference between getting rebooked or being stuck in the airport. Create your own info “packet of power” before each trip so you’re ready to exercise your air travel rights when you need to.

Seeusoon Helps You Find The Cheapest City To Meet For Group Travel

Let’s say you’ve got family all over the country (or the world), and you’re looking for a central, affordable spot for everyone to meet up for vacation. That can take quite a bit of research, but trip planner Seeusoon makes it a lot easier.

Watch Out For These Weird Laws When Travelling To Other Countries

It’s easy to stand out as a tourist when you don’t follow the social norms of a country’s culture. Beyond that, there are some seemingly harmless habits that can actually get you in a bit more trouble. Smarter Travel runs down eleven weird laws in other countries that tourists should know about.

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