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The 10 Most Expensive Countries For Tourists To Visit

Holidays are expensive, and some destinations can be pricier than others. Here are the most expensive countries around the world for tourists, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015.

Eat Everything Piping Hot To Avoid Traveller's Diarrhoea

Sticking to bottled water and peeled vegetables probably isn’t enough to protect you from traveller’s diarrhoea. The best way to stay safe? Make sure the food you eat, especially in restaurants, is piping hot.

This Infographic Explains Which National Drink To Order Around The World

When travelling abroad, you should make it a rule to soak up as much local flavour as possible. If you don’t mind the odd tipple, this can include alcohol. The following infographic from Fly Abu Dhabi explains the national and/or most popular drinks in a wide range of countries. (Apparently, in Australia you’re supposed to stick with beer.)

AwardAce Compares Flight Prices In Rewards Miles

Rewards travel is a beautiful thing. Earn enough points with an airline, and you can score free flights or upgrades. If you’re planning a trip, and you’re a member of multiple programs, you might want to see how much that flight will cost in terms of miles rather than dollars. AwardAce can help with that.

This Chart Lists The Allergy Policies Of 13 Major Airlines

If you have intense allergies and you’re travelling, you want to be prepared for any issues that might arise. For one, it helps to know how your airline handles allergic reactions. Many of them have detailed policies, and this chart lists the policies of 13 major carriers.

The Dumb Things I've Caught Myself Doing After Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city can throw your whole life into disarray, and all you want to do is replace that familiar routine you used to have. After my most recent move, I found myself falling into some traps that kept me from really settling in.

This Chart Shows The Surprising Things You Can Take On An Aeroplane

The rules about what you can and cannot take on an aeroplane are confusing. Not only are there a lot of weirdly arbitrary rules, but the exceptions are so inconsistent it makes it hard to just apply common sense. Here, however, you can find a list of at least some items that you can take on a plane.

Kogan Travel Promises Up To 75% Off Flights And Accomodation

The Australian online retailer best known for spruiking cheap TVs and gadgets has today launched a holiday booking website dubbed Kogan Travel. The service will purportedly offer savings of up to 75% on popular holiday destinations such as China, Fiji, Vietnam and Thailand. Let’s take a look at some of the deals currently on offer.

The Travellers Guide To Driving Etiquette Tells You How To Drive When Travelling

When you travel to another country or even to another state, it’s best to know the rules of the road, lest you get ticketed or even arrested. The Travellers Guide to Driving Etiquette offers helpful advice to help you get around.

The Best And Worst Countries For Medical Care

How good is the health care where you’re travelling? In some countries, you can count on good care anywhere; in others, you’re fine if you stick to a big city but really don’t want to have an emergency out in the boonies.

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