Avoid Losing Stuff In Hotel Rooms By Laying Out A Towel As A Home Base

The unfamiliar environment of a hotel room makes it easy to misplace important stuff like your keys, wallet or phone. Keep it all organised by laying a hand towel on a convenient surface and make a habit of placing all important items in this one spot.

This Guide Shows US Routes Where Trains Are Better Than Flying

Train services in the USA aren’t widespread, but there are places where the train is actually a better choice than flying. The Points Guy has a guide that rounds up routes where travel by train is cheaper, and sometimes quicker, than by plane.

Maplets Lets You Use Maps Offline

iOS/Android: The Maplets app allows you offline access to public transportation, city, park and other maps on your mobile device. The app costs $3.79, but you can use it to find downloadable maps for almost any trip location.

Why Car Sharing Works So Well

Owning a car can be a hassle, especially if you live somewhere where driving is an occasional, rather than daily, necessity. This might help to explain why car-sharing schemes are going from strength to strength in cities around the world.

Travel With A Card That Explains Your Dietary Restrictions

Travelling when you have a restricted diet can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the local language. NerdWallet suggests carrying a card in your wallet that explains your food restriction in the language of the spots you’ll be visiting.

How To Toggle First-Person View In Google Maps Navigation

Many people don’t realise this, but Google Maps navigation has two views: a first-person view (where the arrow faces forward at all times) and a map view, which shows a more traditional map and rotates the arrow. If you’ve somehow gotten stuck on the second, here’s how to go back to regular navigation.

Commonwealth Bank Is Working To Integrate Opal Into Your Credit Card

Feel like there are too many cards in your wallet? Sydneysiders may soon be able to shrink theirs a little, with the Commonwealth Bank confirming it is actively working to build cards that incorporate the sometimes controversial Opal smartcard for Sydney public transport.

How To Make The Most Of A Long Layover

A long layover when flying is hardly ever ideal, but sometimes they can’t be avoided. Here are a few ways to make your next lengthy layover a little bit better.

Embrace Looking Like A Tourist To Get Locals' Help

Most of the time, it is hard to completely pass for a native when travelling. If you can’t blend in, embrace looking like a tourist and some locals will be more likely to help you with directions or recommendations.

Ask LH: Can I Move States To Escape A Speeding Fine?

Hey Lifehacker, So I’ve lost my licence in NSW for a speeding fine for going 20 over. I am a Red P plater. Is there any way I can “move” to Melbourne and get a Victorian licence while I’m under 18?