Jet-Lagged? There's An App For That (From The University of Michigan)

Jet-lag is one of those conditions that you just have to endure, unless you’re willing to ingest copious amounts of caffeine or staple your eyelids open. That said, next time you’re suffering from a radical shift in time zones, you might want to give Entrain a go. It’s an iPhone app that claims to get you back into sleeping sync as quickly as possible, by aligning your circadian rhythms with that of your environment.

Novel Ways To Order Coffee Overseas

Any Australian who has travelled knows that you can confuse most baristas by ordering that Aussie classic, the flat white. This infographic rounds up unusual coffee options from countries around the world.

Avoid Hotel Bookings At Work For A Happier Holiday

Planning a holiday? It’s potentially a bad idea to make your hotel reservations during business hours in the office, according to a new study by Rice University and Iowa State University.

Give Airline Wine A Shake To Make It Taste Better

Those little bottles of wine you can get on airlines have a reputation for being not so great, not to mention ridiculously expensive. if you do partake, the folks at Vinepair have a suggestion: Pour a little out and give it a good firm shake before drinking the rest.

How I Survived The 33-Hour Flight From Hell

I hate flying. I hate the cramped seats, I hate the food and I hate the hurry-up-and-wait mentality of airports. Imagine my delight then after spending 33-hours trapped on a Cathay Pacific flight from New York to Hong Kong thanks to bad weather and the bad Chinese government. Welcome to the flight from hell.

The Madness Of Traffic Roundabouts Explained For Every State

No matter how experienced a driver you are, there’s a pretty good chance you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to roundabouts. Are you allowed to turn right from any lane? What happens when multiple cars enter at the same time? And what’s the deal with all those weird clock face analogies?

How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight With Finesse

I think it’s safe to say that few people enjoy long-haul flights. But here’s how to safely survive a couple of days trapped in an aluminium canister with your sanity intact.

Path Finder Helps You Find Your Way Back When You Go Somewhere New

Android: When you need to do something simple like find your way back to way back to your car, you can always mark your location on a map. However, if you want to track the entire path back to where you started from, Path Finder can help.

Ask LH: What Are The Laws About Jaywalking In Australia?

Hi Lifehacker, I was reading recently about a guy who crossed the road (not at an intersection) in front of a police car and they fined him for jaywalking. I was wondering what exactly constitutes jaywalking in each state?

PackPoint Builds Packing Lists Based On Weather And Your Plans

Android/BlackBerry: Whether you’re planning a holiday getaway or a business trip, PackPoint makes sure you go prepared with everything you need for the weather during your trip and any activities or events you’ll enjoy while you’re there.