How To Get By Overseas When You Don't Speak The Language

Unless you have a super-brain, you’re probably not going to learn a whole new language every time you visit a different country. But with the right tools in your arsenal, you can get by. Here’s how to survive when you don’t understand the native tongue.

This Map Shows How To Take An Epic Road Trip Across Europe

Forty-five European cities, 14 days of driving and several months of sightseeing: That’s the optimised plan created by an algorithm, a followup to the data-driven perfect US road trip we saw earlier this month. Randal Olson used the same drive-time-minimising algorithm to compute this road trip, but based the cities on Business Insider’s selection of 50 must-see places in Europe.

How (And Why) I Stopped Waiting For Others And Started Travelling Solo

Adventuring alone sounds exciting, but it’s also scary. Like most people, I’ve done the majority of my travelling with friends and family. That is, until I realised that I had places I wanted to go and no one wanted to go with me. I struck out on my own because my desire to continue travelling was greater than my fear of being alone.

Cut Transport Costs On Your Next Holiday With A Cheap Used Bike

Flights and lodging make up a big part of your travel budget, but once you reach your destination, transport costs can add up, too. Rather than rent a car or pay for taxis, consider buying a cheap used bike to get around town.

Melbourne Public Transport Information Is Finally In Google Maps

Melbournites will soon be able to use Google Maps to plan a public transport journey across the city. This is something that pretty much every other public transport system in Australia has provided for years, including Tasmania. Better late than never.

How Safe Is Air Travel Today?

In light of the news of another tragic airline crash, and following in the wake of several other high profile air disasters, it might be natural to ask whether air travel is becoming less safe. In fact, according to the numbers, air travel is safer than at almost any point in the history of commercial flight.

Check If Your Destination Requires Blank Passport Pages Before Booking

Besides making sure your passport is valid for at least six months before travelling internationally, make sure it’s not too full. Some countries require you have several blank pages before you leave home.

Warning: Taking Your Own Pillow On A Plane May Inspire Irrational Hatred

So here’s a travel tip I picked up while travelling overseas recently — if you’re planning to take your own pillow aboard an aeroplane, be prepared to cop an inordinate amount of abuse from complete strangers. Especially if it’s a big’un.

Ask LH: Can I Be Refused A Refund For Accommodation?

Hey Lifehacker, We have paid a non-refundable deposit for some accommodation for 10 people for a weekend away in July. But now we need room for 18, which they can’t accommodate, but they want to keep our $500 deposit. Is this fair? Is this legal?

How To Survive Plane Flights Next To Babies

There are any number of guides to travelling with your own baby on long-haul flights, but what about when you’re seated next to somebody else’s bub? Here’s how I maintained sanity on a recent Sydney to London flight.