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What Happens If You Put The Wrong Octane Of Petrol In Your Car

I drive a lot of different vehicles when I need to get around, but I’m always a little worried when it’s time to fill them up. Will something happen if I use 91 instead of 95, or vice versa? Well, this thread at StackExchange answers the question, and long story short, there’s little to worry about.

The Ten Most Exciting Cars You Can Buy In Australia For $10,000

Let’s say you have $10,000 to spend on a car. But you want something fun — a car that, while it isn’t necessarily built just for all-out circuit racing or the drags, is a little more enjoyable to drive than your average A-to-B city econobox. With that criteria in mind, we’ve rounded up the 10 most enjoyable cars that you can find in decent condition in Australia for around about $10,000.

Amazon Vehicles Is A Massive Database For Researching And Comparing Cars

Amazon has launched a new car researching tool, Amazon Vehicles. Here, you can search for cars from a variety of years using an array of search parameters.

Inflightfeed Tells You What To Expect From In-Flight Food, Depending On The Airline

Airline food is, for the most part, an afterthought. No one boards a flight expecting a culinary experience, but some airlines serve better food than others. In fact, sometimes that food is downright delicious. Inflightfeed is a blog dedicated to reviewing all the different meals offered on 150 different airlines around the world.

How To Get Through Airport Security Without Pissing Off Everyone Else In Line

Travel can be dehumanising, which is why it’s important to be the best human you can be as you slog through airport security. Even if you can’t make the experience of getting herded and scrutinised fun, you can take simple steps to at least avoid adding to the unpleasantness.

Stay At A New, Unreviewed Hotel For Great Service That's Also Affordable

There are plenty of options for saving money on lodging. If you want top notch service, though, you can often get it at an affordable price by staying at a newly launched hotel.

Make Your Holiday Feel Longer With Some Basic Cognitive Psychology

If you’ve ever had a week-long holiday that felt like it only lasted a couple days, it’s probably because you did a little too much planning and not enough living in the moment.

Use Instagram To Find Places To Visit (And Avoid) On Holiday

One of the best parts of any holiday is finding that unsung local landmark. Perhaps it’s a neighbourhood bar that blew you away, a cultural monument rarely mentioned in travel guides or an amazing burrito from a street cart. Over on the New York Times, Jenna Wortham points out that Instagram is a great tool to find these types of places.

Make The Most Of Long Layovers With Airport 'City Tours'

If you have a long layover, don’t just resign yourself to hours at a gate or overpriced airport restaurant. Check to see if the airport offers their own managed and arranged city tours so you pass the time sightseeing instead.

Avoid Overpacking By Taking Two Bottoms For Every Five Days Of Travel

It’s easy to overpack for a trip when you don’t have some guidelines in place, especially when it comes to clothing. This simple rule of thumb should keep your carry-on from getting stuffed with every pair of pants you own.

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