Ask LH: What Bonuses Should I Ask For When Buying A New Car?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m planning on buying a car soon and am wondering what sort of extras I should try and squeeze out of my dealer? Should I aim for accessories such as a GPS and car-backing camera, or just try for a discount?

Rules To Remember When You Visit A Nude Beach

When it comes to nude beaches, there are some simple rules of etiquette that transcend borders. This video from the folks at Rev3 breaks them all down nicely.

Make A Survival Bracelet To Save You In Any Worst-Case Scenario

You might already have a bug-out bag or emergency kit, but those aren’t any good to you if you’re not carrying them when an emergency happens. This DIY bracelet packs heaps of survival tools on your wrist so you’re prepared for just about any adventure.

How To Survive A Family Holiday As An Adult

Holidays with family can be stressful. This is especially true if you’re travelling with those who knew you as a kid and still expect the dynamic to be the same. Here are some steps you can take to establish yourself as an adult and survive the family trip.

Organise And Share Your Holiday Plans With This Spreadsheet

Travelling is a complicated ordeal. To make things simpler and help you communicate with loved ones, we’ve made a comprehensive travel info sheet you can modify, print out and share to help you keep everyone in the loop.

Optus' Satellite Phone Accessory Is Now Available For iPhone 6

Remote Australians and Russel Coight wannabes take note: the Optus Thuraya SatSleeve satellite phone accessory is now available for the iPhone 6. The device enables you to turn your iPhone into a satellite phone with the click of a button; handy if you’re outside of mobile range and need to make a call in a hurry.

How Tinder Helped Me Find The Best Bars In A New City 

We all know Tinder is the go-to app for hookups, but it turns out it’s also a killer way to ask around and find the best bars and restaurants in a city.

Ask LH: Is It Possible To Dodge A Driving Conviction By Moving States?

Hey Lifehacker, I was on a 12 month good behaviour bond for speeding in NSW when I got booked doing more than 20km/h over the speed limit. I have moved to Victoria and not paid the fine as it isn’t due yet, and I believe my licence is considered active until I’ve paid the fine. My question is: if I apply for a Victorian licence before my old licence is disqualified, will VicRoads know to cancel my new licence?

9+ Tricks To Protect Your Car From Your Kids (While Keeping Them Busy)

Before you have kids, your car was probably kept in decent, if not pristine condition. After you have kids, every surface in your car has the potential to turn into a sticky, glittery, crumb-covered mess. Keep your kids occupied in the car without the mess with these simple hacks.

Get A Quieter Room At A Hotel By Asking If It's Near An Event Location

Nobody likes a noisy hotel room. Ask if it’s near an event in the hotel to prevent a rude awakening in the middle of the night.