Wear Your Bike Helmet Right (Not Like This Kid)

It’s a legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling — so wear it right. If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, you can end up with a preventable injury.

Tigerair Is Now Offering Regular Discounted Airfares Every Saturday

Getting a good deal on an airfare is never unwelcome — as long as you’re on top of all the conditions. If you don’t mind its stingy carry-on limits, Tigerair has just launched a new campaign, offering cheap domestic tickets every Saturday afternoon.

CleverLayover Finds Cheaper Flights With Layover Cities

One way to save money on flights is to add a stopover on the way to your destination. Rather than book a round-trip with one airline, you search for each leg of the flight yourself to find a cheaper route that includes a long layover. But this can be time consuming. CleverLayover does the work for you.

Fit Everything In One Carry-On By Interfolding Clothes Into A Bundle

Everyone likes the idea of packing light, but a carry-on bag can fill up fast. To get all of your clothes in there without wrinkling, try folding it into one giant bundle.

Ease 'Reverse Culture Shock' After A Long Trip With Old Memories

When you return home after travelling abroad for months or even years, you may feel like life is completely different — this is often called “reverse culture shock”. It’s tough, but reliving past memories with friends can help smooth it over.

ShipMate Gives You Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Cruise

iOS/Android: ShipMate shows you the information you need to know when planning a cruise. You’ll learn everything you need to know before booking port excursions, read reviews and tips from previous users, and get a sneak peek of the ship through deck cameras.

What Is Your Number One Item To Bring On A Road Trip?

Road trips are a fun — and cheap — way to travel. When planning your perfect road trip, you have a lot to think about, beyond the essentials. What is the top item you make sure to take with you for a great road trip?

Clean Corroded Car Battery Terminals With Coke

If you ever find yourself with a car that won’t start because of corroded battery terminals, you can get yourself going again with just a can of Coca-Cola.

The Best (And Worst) Airlines For Using Travel Rewards

Free flights and upgrades make travel rewards schemes awesome. The only problem? Some airlines aren’t very flexible with them. They put limitations on when you can book reward travel, and that can be a huge let down. Here are the best and worst airlines for using travel rewards.

Keep Holidays From Feeling Rushed By Dedicating One Day To Tourism

When you travel somewhere for fun, your excitement can lead you to try and cram way too much stuff into your schedule. To keep your trip from being completely exhausting, set just one day aside for all the touristy things.