Planning Your Euro Summer? Here’s 6 Apps to Help You Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

Planning Your Euro Summer? Here’s 6 Apps to Help You Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

A friendly reminder that Euro summer is just around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten around to planning yet, I recommend getting your Excel spreadsheet and notepad out ASAP. But if that’s too overwhelming, especially as a solo traveller, we’ve found some of the most useful travel planner apps that will help lift the load and officially dub you a travel expert.

Top travel planner apps


Don’t even know where to begin with planning? The Wanderlog app has got you covered. 

You can create trip itineraries directly on the app, note every restaurant and cafe to dine in, keep track of your flight and hotel reservations, stay up to date with budget costs, and so much more. You can even include notes and attachments to your itinerary to keep everything in the one place.

The best part about Wanderlog is that once you’ve added all of your activities into it, it plots everything out onto a map and organises the days by numbers and colours. So if you’re a visual person, this app is heaven.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and you’re good to go! While there is a paid version of this travel planner app, everything mentioned can be accessed from the free version. 

Check it out here.


For the girlies who have a hard time with math on the go, XE is a lifesaver. While it’s predominantly a money transfer app, the conversion section is a fantastic feature. Instead of figuring out how much €36 is in Australian dollars while in the blazing hot European sun, this app does it for you immediately. It’s up to date with the latest conversion rate, updating every 60 seconds, and you don’t even need to make an account!

Download it here.


Navigating train lines in a new country can be incredibly overwhelming. The Trainline app makes figuring out where to go next in an unfamiliar city that little bit easier. The travel planning app shows you all the different companies selling train tickets, provides you with the cheapest route, the fastest route, and how many seats are left. If you book on the app, it also tracks your journey and also gives you live updates on any interruptions or delays.

Get it here. 


When travelling to a bunch of different countries, you want to make sure that you’re well versed in the basics of their language because, for one, you’ll be able to really immerse yourself in the country, and for two, there’s nothing worse than rocking up to a country and not even knowing how to say “hello”. 

Mango is an amazing app with over 70 languages. it has specific lesson plans on introductions in your chosen language, and other topics to help you progress quickly!

While the app is free, you need a library card to access its features. So get your free library card at your local library and get learning.

Download for free now. 

Google Translate

The Google Translate app is our best friend when it comes to travelling. The app translates text, photos, handwriting, and speech in over 100 languages right at the tip of your fingers. But the best feature is the Google Lens. 

The Google Lens lets you translate any text you see live. All you need to do is open the camera feature, point it at any block of text, and it will translate it for you before your very own eyes. Neat!

Check it out here.

My Maps on Google Maps

This app is for the kids who colour coordinated their assignment headings in high school. 

We’ve all heard of Google Maps, but has anyone actually looked into what it could do other than take us from A to B? Well, we found out that Google Maps offers this great function that allows you to create custom maps (including colour coding and labelling destinations with fun icons) through their My Maps feature. 

The only downside is that you have to organise everything on the Google Maps desktop, but once the maps are ready to go, you can access them in your app (online and offline) whenever you want.

Get the app now. 

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