How Long It Takes To Binge Watch 81 Popular TV Shows [Infographic]

TV binge-watching has become the pastime of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, it often involves a larger time commitment than you were initially expecting. (If you’re still using DVDs and Blu-rays, it can also be bloody expensive.) This infographic from Nielson Top Ten reveals precisely how many hours 81 popular TV series take to watch in their entirety — from Sherlock (12 hours) to Doctor Who (over 15 days!)

The below list is divided roughly into popular TV, genre shows (sci-fi, crime, etc) and animation. As you can see, even the lightest of bingeing commitments still requires around eight hours’ of your life. Meanwhile, watching everything on this list would take you more than half a year with zero sleep or potty breaks. Yikes.

[Via Nileson]

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