Reminder: You Can Now Legally Watch Game Of Thrones For Free

Reminder: You Can Now Legally Watch Game Of Thrones For Free
Image: HBO

Today, the final episode of Game Of Thrones season 7 will be broadcast around the world. If you’ve been holding off on watching the show for whatever reason, we have some good news. It’s now possible to watch the seventh season for free – along with all six previous seasons! Here’s how it’s done.

As we have noted in the past, Foxtel’s Pop Pack is the cheapest way to watch Game Of Thrones legally in Australia. Thanks to the free trial period, new customers can now watch the entire season for free, which leaves you with no excuse to pirate.

Here’s how it works: to get free access to Game Of Thrones season 7, sign up to Foxtel Now’s two-week free trial and cancel your subscription on August 29. This gives you two weeks to watch the entire season, including the final episode which air today (August 28).

The free Foxtel Now trial also gives you access to every previous episode of Game Of Thrones. The only caveat is that you will need to cram your viewing into 14 days. If you’re starting from the very beginning, that could be a bit of a challenge. (Then again, binge watching is all the rage these days.)

” excerpt=”TV binge-watching has become the pastime of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, it often involves a larger time commitment than you were initially expecting. (If you’re still using DVDs and Blu-rays, it can also be bloody expensive.) This infographic from Nielson Top Ten reveals precisely how many hours 81 popular TV series take to watch in their entirety — from Sherlock (12 hours) to Doctor Who (over 15 days!)”]


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