All The Ways Netflix Is Slaying Free-To-Air TV [Infographic]

Free-to-air TV has been on the decline for some time now and the emergence of popular streaming services like Netlifix has significantly hastened its fall. This infographic from FrameYourTV breaks down some of the ways on-demand binge-watching is changing the very concept of TV.

The below infographic looks at how the television industry is evolving in response to streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and Presto. While some of the data is US-centric, there are still plenty of interesting factoids included that are relevant to the Australian market.

[Via FrameYourTV]


    All the T.V.s in my house are overwhelmingly used for steaming. Either streaming content from my NAS of on-demand services. If broadcast T.V. disappeared tomorrow I doubt I'd notice for a long time.

      Shouldn't you be using the microwave or cook top for steaming?
      Kudos on choosing a healthy cooking method though.

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