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Telstra Selling HTC Velocity 4G From Next Tuesday

We’ve been waiting on it since late September, and now there’s finally a release date: the HTC Velocity 4G, the first phone to utilise Telstra’s 4G/LTE network, goes on sale from next Tuesday.

Telstra’s web site is already accepting pre-orders for the Android , and the first 500 orders will ship on January 24, the same day the handset goes on sale in shops. If you sign up for the $79 Freedom Connect plan, you don’t pay additional handset charges (your 24-month contract will cost you $1896 in that case).

It’s worth remembering that the 4G speeds only apply to data access on the phone; voice calls are carried on the regular Next G 3G network. Tempted? Prefer a hotspot and a standard phone? Tell us in the comments. (And if you’re not clear on the whole 4G thing, check out our detailed guide).