Telstra Selling HTC Velocity 4G From Next Tuesday

Telstra Selling HTC Velocity 4G From Next Tuesday

We’ve been waiting on it since late September, and now there’s finally a release date: the HTC Velocity 4G, the first phone to utilise Telstra’s 4G/LTE network, goes on sale from next Tuesday.

Telstra’s web site is already accepting pre-orders for the Android , and the first 500 orders will ship on January 24, the same day the handset goes on sale in shops. If you sign up for the $79 Freedom Connect plan, you don’t pay additional handset charges (your 24-month contract will cost you $1896 in that case).

It’s worth remembering that the 4G speeds only apply to data access on the phone; voice calls are carried on the regular Next G 3G network. Tempted? Prefer a hotspot and a standard phone? Tell us in the comments. (And if you’re not clear on the whole 4G thing, check out our detailed guide).



  • I think you mean that calls go over the Next G network. I don’t need another contract, and it won’t really be worthwhile unless you live or work in a 4G area, as you won’t have access to the 4G network the majority of the time when traveling.

  • The hardware Telstra has chosen to launch with is uninspiring.

    * qHD screen – not good enough, most phones are launching with 720p high def screens, to me qHD is low res when your screen is 4.5 inches.
    * Android 2.3.7 – most new phones will come with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) now
    * HTC Sense 3.5 user interface – I find sense is slow/laggy when I used it on an HTC Sensation XL
    * Removable 1620 mAh battery – TERRIBLE battery, so small and given LTE is a battery draining monster, this seems like a really poor choice.

    Plus HTC design department haven’t been doing anything since the Nexus One was released. Every phone they make looks the same.

    I’ll be waiting for the Galaxy S3 to be announced at the end of Feb at MWC or or if that sucks I’ll get a Galaxy S2 HD LTE which is already out at MobiCity.

    Most of my complaints are nitpicking that most normal users wouldn’t notice, except for the battery, that is an epic fail that even normal users will notice.

    • That’s really wrong.

      Only the Galaxy Nexus hasa 720p screen in Australia now, and in terms of ‘most phones’ not exactly.

      There still isn’t another phones on the market with ICS yet. Not 1. Only the Galaxy Nexus. It will be upgradeable soon I’m sure.

      Sense is ok, still better than that motoblur rubbish

      1620 mAh is too low I agree with LTE especially in it.

  • I moved over from my DHD on Voda to SGN on Telstra in December… still happy with my choice as I believe I would take the SGN and Telstra’s more than reasonable 3g speeds over this phone and 4g speeds anyday.

    Plus the area I live in I think the 4g would not be great anyway

  • Im glad my existing contract expires later this year, it gives Telstra nealy a full year to develop the LTE market – by that time there will be phones with ICS 4.x, quad core, 720p screens, hopefully better battery, and 2nd (or 3rd) gen LTE chipsets, NFC implemented more widely through major cities retailers.

    This is still a good start for Telstra beign first kid off the block with 4G – hopefully more handsets to come soon

  • I guess I will have to wait until 2018 or even longer until the Whitsunday Region eventually gets it… if it gets it. Telstra loves metro areas and really cbf about regional/rural areas and when I mean regional and rural im talking about places like Kelsey Creek, Qld (Where I live), Bowen, Collinsville etc. We get such crappy quality signal in this region its not funny 🙁 we can’t get ADSL or anything like that so mobile internet is our only option but it hardly even works. I swear I may as well just move to the city as it seems like everyone in regional/rural Australia is being forced to anyway since critical services like good quality telecommunications don’t exist and we keep being told due to our low population density it won’t happen for a very long time…. well hello maybe the low population density is caused by not having the services out here since nobody wants to live here because of that exact reason. No services = Small Population, Small population = No Services… It cancels out.

  • It is not Telstra 4G it is Telstra FakeG created by them Ericsson retards. It uses LTE on a non standard radio frequency and requires custom made phones to work with it.

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