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In 2011, BHP copped a fair amount of flak for a leaked memo which outlined its daunting list of rules about employee behaviours. BHP’s “office environment standard” reportedly includes making staff remove post-it notes at the end of the day, a ban on decorating or customising work partitions, and not allowing clothes to be slung over chairs and furniture, among others.


A new report published in the Medical Journal of Australia is urging businesses to adopt a "standing desk" policy to improve office workers' posture and overall health. According to the paper, not only are non-standing desks bad for you, they could constitute an unsafe working environment if no standing options are provided. Here are a few standing desk hacks to help get your boss on board.


"Kill me now," is an oft-repeated phrase in stressful workplaces -- but which occupation is actually the most likely to cause fatal injury? Here's a list of the most deadly industries in Australia between 2012 and 2013. If your job is near the top, it might be time for a career change...


OK, you won't do a complete workout in your office. However, adding items such as anchored resistance bands or a pull-up bar in your workspace area can help relieve a sedentary lifestyle by giving you easy access to stretch and exercise breaks throughout the day.


You're a smart, productive person capable of amazing things, but every so often you're your own worst enemy. You'll often convince yourself you're going to fail, put off important tasks that need to get done, make choices based on pride rather than logic, and potentially end up making your work life miserable. Here's a look at the stupid things you do all day at the office and how you can fix them.


We're eager to be employed, especially in today's job market. That said, some jobs turn out to have major problems that make our lives miserable and make us want to quit. Nonetheless, quitting isn't always the answers. Here's what you can do to try and resolve those problems before jumping ship.


You may not like your job, but does that really mean it's time to quit? Work and Productivity blog The Job Bored has a few suggestions to help you determine if it's time to quit your job or not.