When Is It Time To Quit Your Job? [Infographic]

Should you stay or should you go? It's rarely a simple decision to make, but if you think through your options you can make it more confidently. This flowchart can help.

The graphic, posted on BBC, covers everything from whether you have another job offer in hand to whether you can change a bad situation at work. It also asks the important question: Will you regret going more than staying?

Deep down in your gut you may already know the answer, but if you're unsure, give the flowchart below a look.

This Flowchart Can Help You Figure Out If You Should Quit Your Job

Should I quit? [BBC]


    When we finish our initial education and join the wage/salary workforce we are issued with two buckets, the full 'enthusiasm' bucket and the empty 'bullshit' bucket.

    As the job/career progresses, the 'e' bucket slowly drains away as the 'bs' bucket fills.

    At some point the 'e' bucket is empty and the 'bs' bucket is overflowing.......this is the point to change job/career or retire.

    My philosophical advice, you're welcome! :)

      replace 'e' bucket with, normal people at the lower levels. and replace 'BS' bucket with narcissistic bosses at the management/executive level

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