Tech Is The Best Place To Work In Australia

Tech Is The Best Place To Work In Australia

BRW has released its annual list of the 50 best places to work in Australia. Good news if you work in IT: seven of the top 10 companies are in the technology space.

Picture by David McKelvey

The list includes some familiar global suspects (Google at #3, at #6) as well as some outfits you might not have heard of (consultancy OBS, which took the top slot). Regardless, the companies that made the list followed themes that are familiar and dear to Lifehacker’s heart: being flexible with staff, allowing them to work from home where possible, and letting everyone be involved in hiring decisions. There was also one other suggestion which I think sounds very sensible: offer every member of staff a day off on their birthday.

Australia’s Best Place To Work Revealed [BRW]


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