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When you're drinking a hot beverage, you want that beverage to remain hot. Of course you do! You're a human being with needs. Sadly, it won't - you can't fight the second law of thermodynamics; even if you prime your cup first, eventually entropy will have its way. Eventually, you'll take a swig of your coffee or your tea and get a mouthful of lukewarm disappointment. If your 9am cup tastes like a brand new day, full of promise, then your 10:15 dregs remind you that it's seven hours until you can start drinking.


Winter is showing no sign of abating and many households are beginning to worry about the cost of keeping warm. Heating costs between June and August represent about one-third of the typical electricity bill of $489 in NSW and Victoria, according to estimates by comparison site Mozo. Here's how to stay warm 'n' toasty without depleting your savings account.