How To Install A VNC Server On Your Jailbroken iOS Device

How To Install A VNC Server On Your Jailbroken iOS Device

If you’ve ever left your iPhone at home and needed to check for missed calls, or you couldn’t find it and wanted to make an alarm go off with minimal effort, you could do both of those things easily if remote access were possible. If you have a jailbroken iOS device you can do that by installing Veency, the iOS VNC server.Veency is a free VNC server and the video above will show you how to find it in Cydia, install it, and then configure it in your iOS settings. It’s pretty straightforward, but here’s the basic info:

  • Search for Veency in the Cydia, select it from the search results, and then tap the “Install” button.
  • Cydia will request that you restart Sprinboard. Go ahead and do that.
  • Open up your iOS Settings app and swipe down until you find Veency. Tap it and you’ll see some settings.
  • Change any settings you want and set a VNC password if you want to prevent people from connecting to your device over VNC without permission.
  • To make sure everything is working, connect to your device’s IP address. Alternatively, it probably has a Zeroconf (Bonjour) network name. For example, I named my phone Dauphine so its Zeroconf name is Dauphine.local. If your phone is Margaret Bagelman’s Phone it would be Margaret-Bagelmans-Phone.local. If you can’t figure it out, you can always find your local IP address in your iOS Settings under Wi-Fi.
  • If you’re on a Mac, go to the Finder and press Command+K to connect to a server. Enter in vnc:// and then your IP address (or Zeroconf name) and press Connect. If you’re on Windows or Linux, just use your VNC client of choice and connect to your iOS device like you would any other VNC server.

That’s all there is to it. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet and want to, check out our guide to jailbreaking your iPhone for a full walkthrough.


  • Can I share the screen of one iOS device with another iOS device from app ? Is it possible to implement above functionality using iOS SDK ? Does apple allow this type of app ? If anyone know about this , kindly let me know. thanks in advance.
    for above implementation Can i need jailbroken device??

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