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Microsoft just updated its Translator app for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices to support new optimised language packs that are (allegedly) up to 23 per cent better at helping you figure out how to say "where is the bathroom" on your next vacation. They also eat up around half as much space on your phone when you download them -- a wise move, since you don't want to be stuck without the ability to ask for directions if you're lost on your travels.


One of the cleverest plot devices used by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek was the Universal Translator. It solved the problem of how multi-lingual humans could communicate with alien species. Now, an Australian plumber has teamed with IBM to bring the device to reality. (Well, for Earth-bound speakers, at least.)


When you need to translate one language to another, there are lots of technology options that can help. In this week's Hive Five, we're looking at five of the best translation tools, based on your nominations.