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Ever wonder how much money you've blown on Steam games over the years? You might not want to really know, but you're probably curious. And now thanks to Valve's "External Funds Used" tracker, you can finally get a sense of the long-term damage Steam has done to your financial health.


For lunch on Tuesday last week, I had a vegetable stir-fry mixed with curry ground beef and a side of rice (all topped with Sriracha, of course). I could recall this meal from a week ago because I track my food every day. Not only does it keep me on top of my goals, but now I have records to look through when things go from "under control" to "oh s**t".


The rise of wearable fitness technology is something of a paradox. The surge in popularity of devices that monitor the amount of exercise you do suggest more people than ever are interested in maintaining regular fitness regimes. Just witness the success of the company behind fitness tracking bracelet Fitbit, which investors have just deemed worth $US4.1bn after it floated on the stock market. Yet this comes at a time when physical inactivity has reached levels of global pandemic proportion.