Tips For Hailing A Taxi In Popular Tourist Destinations Around The World

Tips For Hailing A Taxi In Popular Tourist Destinations Around The World

There are harder things in life than hailing a taxi, but depending on the city, it can be slightly confusing. Travel + Leisure offers a few tips for getting a taxi, depending on the destination.

Contrary to what the movies will have you believe, it’s not impossible for tourists to hail a cab in New York City. There is a trick that can help out-of-towners, though. Travel + Leisure explains:

Find a taxi with the correct light shining from its rooftop. Specifically, you want one with just the center number lit up and nothing else. If none of the lights are lit, it’s already occupied, and if all of the lights are lit it’s probably off duty, but feel free to try and hail anyway.

In London, you’ll see the “TAXI” sign lit up to indicate the taxi is available. No light, no availability. In Tokyo, a green light means the taxi is already occupied, so you want to look for a red light and this Japanese kanji, which means “empty car.”

If you’re taking a taxi in Mexico City, Travel + Leisure recommends ordering one directly from your hotel. The hotel can also book you a turismo taxi, which will pick you up, then wait for you at your destination and take you back to your hotel. If you’re going to hail a taxi on your own, they suggest grabbing one at a taxi stand.

For more cities and tips, head to the full post at the link below.

How to Hail a Taxi Around the World [Travel + Leisure]

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