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  • Help Tame Your Anxiety With This Simple Breathing Exercise

    Help Tame Your Anxiety With This Simple Breathing Exercise

    Anxiety is a nasty piece of work. It can creep up on you when you least expect it, and it can completely derail your day. Millions of people live with the struggles of anxiety every single day, and while it is always best to seek advice and support from a mental health expert when it…

  • How To Cope With Work Stress

    Unless your job involves playing with puppies and eating ice cream all day while being massaged and told how great you are, you’ve probably experienced some level of stress at work. Technically, even the puppy-ice cream-massage job could get stressful at times, thanks to incessant barking, peeing and brain freeze.

  • ‘Swooper’ App Shields Your Noggin From Murderous Magpies

    Each spring during breeding season, Australia’s magpie population declares war on humans — leading to a flurry of surprise attacks on unsuspecting cyclists and pedestrians. If the idea of getting pecked sets your heart racing, this iPhone app from a Lifehacker reader should help to reduce your stress levels.