It’s Go Home On Time Day (So GO HOME ON TIME!)

It’s Go Home On Time Day (So GO HOME ON TIME!)
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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This is the tagline to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s also the basic premise of Go Home On Time Day, which is currently in its 12th year. So who’s taking part this year? Anyone? Anyone?

According to a recent NATSEM study, around 50 per cent of Australians work more than 40 hours per week; often in unpaid overtime.

It’s for this reason that we need Go Home On Time Day. As its name implies, it encourages workers to clock off at a reasonable time instead of staying back for the umpteenth time that week. In short, it’s a chance to recognise that life doesn’t have to revolve around work

Here’s the blurb from the website:

Are you a slave to your smartphone? Do you struggle to juggle work demands with the school run? Are you stressed about working more or less hours than you want to?

The fact is, a poor work/life balance has a direct impact on your health, relationships and workplace. Go Home on Time Day on Wednesday is a great way to recognise that life doesn’t need to revolve around work.

It’s certainly a valid sentiment and one we’re sure Ferris Bueller would approve of. Unfortunately, putting it into practice – even for a single day of the year – is easier said than done.

We’re curious as to whether any of our readers plan to take part. Let us know by voting in the below poll.

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  • So who’s taking part this year? Of course I am, I have Dragon Age: Inquisition unlocked and waiting for me at home! I’m surprised I’ve made it this far in the day to be honest.

    • Jelly – It appears to be getting its physical release in Aus on the 20th
      Is the digital download version released today?
      – I can see on the US network its out on the 18th where as Australia is released on the 20th?

      • The digital download technically unlocks at 11pm tonight, but if you’re willing to pretend to be Korean for a few minutes 😉 you can get it to unlock early.

  • Staying back at work is an exception rather than the norm for me, and if I do stay back I make sure I’m paid correctly for it. Many of my coworkers regularly complain about regularly staying back without being properly paid, to which I say “stop agreeing to do it!”

    • Agreed. There’s no doubt that some people are in bad situations with their jobs but A LOT of the time it’s simply people being too beta and/or lazy to actually stand up for themselves and negotiate from strength. People like this make it harder for everyone else as well because they shift expectations.

  • I think being on salary or on an hourly rate is what it comes down to. If you’re paid by the hour, your boss expects you to walk out the door on time. If you’re on salary, you are that boss expecting the other workers to get out on time to save on wages, and then pick up the slack by doing more hours…

    • As it is for myself, plenty of work I could stay back and do, but that wasn’t factored into our quotation so my over time would eat into profits. So I just have to do the work of 2 people tomorrow.

  • I left an hour and a half early to avoid the Brisbane storm. But then thanks to the attitude of my boss, I’m not a slave to the clock. Sure, I probably do more than 40 hours per week but I have a lot of flexibility, so it’s not so bad.

  • I rarely leave on time.

    Sometimes I am having a giggle while I work, so I take a bit longer.

    My usual day runs long though because I like to make sure work is being done to my standard.

  • Right on! Why not just resign to enjoy all your life?

    And can employees be docked for the employers’ time they steal by being on social media when they are happily accepting pay for that time?

    In our beloved convict country many think like thieves and see bosses as the “screws”.

    Let’s all chuck a sickie and not think about that.

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