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  • This Sim-Only Plan Gives You 12GB for Just $20

    This Sim-Only Plan Gives You 12GB for Just $20

    Get ready to get more bang for your buck — challenger telco Dodo is sharing your love for data by doubling up on its $20 sim-only phone plan. Instead of six gigs of data get 12GB for the same price and watch or listen to your favourite tv show, podcast or music on the go.…

  • Optus’ 100GB SIM-Only Plan Is Now $45!

    This is not a drill. Optus is selling 100GB mobile plans for just $45 a month. That’s a data increase of 25% and a saving of $60 over the course of a 12 month contract! You can also score extra data on its $40 SIM-only plan. Here are the details.

  • PSA: Optus’ Ripper Sim-Only Deal Has Been Extended

    Optus is ringing in the new year with one of the best bang-for-buck BYO phone deals we’ve seen in a long while. For $41.25 per month you get a whopping 80GB of data, free access to Optus Sport and unlimited streaming for Netflix and Stan! Here are the details.