This Sim-Only Plan Gives You 12GB for Just $20

This Sim-Only Plan Gives You 12GB for Just $20
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Get ready to get more bang for your buck — challenger telco Dodo is sharing your love for data by doubling up on its $20 sim-only phone plan. Instead of six gigs of data get 12GB for the same price and watch or listen to your favourite tv show, podcast or music on the go. Here’s everything you need to know about Dodo’s latest offer.

But first, why a sim-only plan?

Sim-only plans, also known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phone plan, are great for keeping you away from long and, oftentimes expensive, phone repayments. It’s for people who want to buy a phone outright, want to pay less on their monthly bill and don’t want to be locked into a drawn-out contract (though some sim-only plans aren’t contract-free, Dodo’s are).

Perhaps you’re passionate about gadgets and not afraid to frequently upgrade the phone to make the most of the latest tech. Or, you’ve already paid off or purchased your existing handset. This means going sim-only will be better value for money and help you save some bucks in the process.

Here’s what Dodo is offering with its latest deal

By paying $20 per month to Dodo, you can take advantage of 12GB of data instead of the six gigs that previously came with this sim-only plan. On the same beat, the $30 plan has also tripled to 36GB (was 12GB previously) which works great for anyone after more data for on-the-go entertainment on their devices.

But that’s not all. Besides more data, you will also benefit from an unlimited number of domestic and international texts for free along with 200 minutes to 35 countries.

Since this isn’t a limited time offer, you can take advantage of the plan whenever you want without the hassle of a lock-in contract.

You can easily sign up for the plan online and manage your MyDodo account from the comfort of your home.

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