This Week’s Most Popular SIM-Only plans

This Week’s Most Popular SIM-Only plans
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Picking a new phone plan can be confusing, especially if you’re going down the SIM-only route. New providers pop up all the time, and it can feel like plans change on a daily basis. There’s a lot to consider.

If you just want a simple answer, it can pay to follow the crowd and get an idea of what everyone else is buying. With that in mind, here are this week’s top five SIM-only postpaid plans with at least 5GB according to around a million WhistleOut users.

The five plans below aren’t the cheapest, nor do they have the most data, but they’re the plans most WhistleOut users are interested in, based on the last seven days of activity. Given WhistleOut tracks hundreds of plans from over 30 providers, hitting the top of the charts ain’t easy.

Here are the current champions:

Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan

Circles.Life’s 100GB per month plan is unsurprisingly the most popular SIM-only option right now. Thanks to a recent promo, you’ll pay just $28 per month for 100GB. That’s hard to beat. And better yet, the plan includes 3GB of “bill shock protection” which kicks in free of charge if you go over your allowance, so you’re essentially getting 103GB per month.

Pricing on the plan lasts for your first 12 months with Circles, after which you’ll pay $38 per month. $38 per month for 100GB is still excellent value, however.

To get this deal, you’ll need to use the promo code DATAFRENZY.

Circles is powered by the Optus network.

Circles.Life 20GB Monthly Plan

Circles also took the second most popular spot this week with its 20GB for $18 per month offer. Once again, the discount will last for 12 months, after which time you’ll pay $28 per month. All of Circles’ plans are contract-free however, so you can leave whenever you want.

As with the previous plan, you’ll get an additional 3GB of bill shock protection data each month.

If you’re keen to get this deal, you’ll need to use the promocode DATAFRENZY.

Optus $49 Optus Choice Plan

Optus’ mid-tier plan gets you a respectable 60GB of data for $49 per month. That’s not quite as much as what some providers are offering, but the plan comes with a few extras that could make it worthwhile. These include a free Optus Sport subscription, a 12-month Apple Music subscription, and unlimited international talk and text to 35 countries.

Belong Regular 10GB Plan

Belong’s $25 plan is another popular option that’s a little bit cheaper. While it only gets you 10GB per month, you also get features like data rollover and gifting that you tend not to find on other cheap plans.

Data rollover can be especially useful. If you manage to stockpile a healthy amount of data, you’re always able to drop down to Belong’s $10 per month plan to save some money until you burn through your stash.

Belong is powered by the Telstra network.

Moose Mobile 21.80 SIM-Only Promo

Moose Mobile is up last with one of the best value plans available right now. $21.80 per month will get you 18GB of data. There are plenty of cases where spending more with another telco will get you less.

The Moose Mobile plan has one catch: you’ll only keep your 18GB allowance for your first two years on the plan, after which it will drop down to 8GB. The plan is contract-free, however, so you can always change after you lose your bonus data.

And besides, there’s no reason you should stay on a contract-free plan from two years straight. A better deal will almost certainly pop up in that time.

Moose Mobile is powered by the Optus network.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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