The Unluckiest NBN Node In Australia Just Got Run Over Again [Updated]

The Unluckiest NBN Node In Australia Just Got Run Over Again [Updated]
Image: Dave Cooper/Twitter

On March 7, we reported that an NBN Node had been taken out by a car in Kellyville, NSW. In perhaps the perfect summation of everything that has gone wrong with the NBN, that same NBN node has once again been taken out by a car, disrupting services in Kellyville for the second time in two weeks. Less than 24 hours later, it was reportedly then hit for a third time.

Local resident Dave Cooper, who tweeted about the original incident back on March 7, provided images via his Twitter account of the NBN node on Redden Drive in Kellyville, NSW once again uprooted. On this occasion, no vehicle is seen crashed into it, though he does suggest that NBN and fire crew were on site.

Another Twitter user reported that the node was actually taken out by a vehicle last night, March 21, and that the residents in the area haven’t had internet for most of March, calling for the box to be moved or protected.

It looks like the only roll out happening in Kellyville this month is the NBN node rolling out of its foundations after another hit. Cooper also suggests that the image he took this morning and the incident the fire department were responding to was a new crash, just this morning and completely separate from the incident last night. An NBN Co spokesperson did confirm a vehicle hit had hit the node, explaining “at approximately 12:30am this morning, an outage was caused following significant damage sustained to an nbn™ node cabinet in Kellyville.”

However, it appears this was only a single incident and technicians from NBN Co were at the site this morning to make the area safe.

On both occasions, the area had received significant rainfall, making the roads slick.

I could just have copy-pasted the below image from last time this happened, but checking Telstra’s Outage website, there are disrupted services in Kellyville today. Last time this occurred, around 280 services were affected in the area – an NBN Co spokesperson claimed that approximately the same amount of services are again affected by the outage.

The Unluckiest NBN Node In Australia Just Got Run Over Again [Updated]Image: Telstra

Speaking to Cooper, who has lived in the area for around eight years, he explained that the exact location hasn’t just troubled drivers since the node was placed there, but has been a source of consternation even before the NBN was a hot topic conversation. If you take a look at the Google Street View map from 2009, you can see a tree in the location of the current NBN node.

According to Dave, that tree was also taken out by a car.

It’s obvious that the location for the NBN node is a poor one, so what is NBN Co and the council going to do about it and why did they choose to place a node there in the first place? With two incidents in the past two weeks, it seems like there are huge safety issues around the location of the box, not just for drivers but for any NBN Co staff that may need to work on the box, too.

The NBN Co spokesperson also relayed information that there could be significant delays in restoring services, especially due to inclement weather, which means Kellyville residents could be without service for the next 48 hours.

As an analogy for how the NBN is going is there any better than “doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?” Probably not.

The spokesperson has confirmed that “an alternate location for the node is under consideration.”


  • Imagine how the people in that house must feel though? It sure seems like cars are coming off the road there a lot and it’s not like it sits right on the curb, it’s set back a good foot or so. If the NBN node wasn’t there would any of those cars have ended up coming to rest in their living room? Maybe that NBN node is saving lives?

  • I’ve been looking for NBN plans for both home and work for over 12 months now… First priority is static IP. Second is a mobile network backup. These incidents just confirm to me that a mobile based fail over is a critical feature, not just a nice extra. Especially for businesses who will be using VoIP by force on NBN, and therefore cant be without internet (redirecting to a mobile doesn’t work well if the users are used to 2 or 3 lines and being able to transfer calls, nor does it work if the mobile belongs to a specific person and they go to lunch or home for the day).

  • This issue has been repetitive and has caused significant impact on the Kellyville residents. As the internet is used by many school students who have assignments due during this time this is very annoying. Drivers should not be careless and should drive carefully at a slower speed so that they don’t put anyone at danger at the curb. Plus, how stupid is it that they put the NBN box at the same risky location again, after several incidents having occurred in the past.

    • If so they are uninformed. Peak congestion is 100% to do with the ISP not buying enough bandwidth, and nothing to do with the NBN hardware. Which is why some ISPs have the issue and others don’t, on exactly the same node.

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