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Dear Lifehacker, I've been getting into the Facebook Messenger game Everwing but have run into a problem. The ability to watch ads - which grants access to free trophies, dragons and magic items - has stopped working. This puts me at a serious disadvantage when competing against friends for the weekly high score. Please help!

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Having lugged around those gigantic 21" CRTs to LANs as a kid, the concept of being able to carry fully-fledged PC games like Duke Nukem and XCOM in my pocket would have blown my mind. But while they're some of the most recognisable games, there are plenty of other classics from all platforms you can grab on iOS and Android right now - and you don't have to deal with a compromised experience or dodgy controls either.


Pokemon GO is officially bigger than Jebus. The little pocket monster that could has smashed mobile download records and now has more active users than any gaming app you care to mention. In that time, the game has experienced some astonishing highs and lows, with its phenomenal success tempered by gameplay frustrations and dubious media headlines. This delightfully retro infographic tells the story so far...


The Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita have put amazing games in players' hands over the last four or five years, but they each offer a very different experience. Both systems have matured and seen a lot of changes, and now that they have likely reached their final form, it's time to compare the two.