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Changing the nappy of a baby who can stand is an exercise in swift reflexes and hope. There are many variables to factor in, including those pesky onesie flaps that dangle in the danger zone, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a trick to make the procedure much easier: Start by securing the onesie over one of your child’s shoulders, using the crotch snaps.


Babies. You buy them nappies, but they decide to pee on you during changing time. You make them gourmet pureed meals, but they're most satisfied gnawing on their boogers. You give them beautiful toys, but all they want to play with is the TV remote.


Infant walkers, those wheeled contraptions that give babies who can’t yet walk the sudden ability to walk, are bad. This has been long established. But parents keep using them and so paediatricians are renewing the call for a ban.


Here's my parenting brag: I've never bought any baby food. I've never had a mush of green mashed peas flung at my wall. I've never played "aeroplane" zooming a spoon toward my daughter's closed mouth. And I've never, ever begged her to eat a thing.


I used to do the ninja escape. Sitting on the glider in my baby's room, I'd nurse her until her eyelids slowly shut, and then I'd carefully, carefully place the time-bomb of a child into her crib and creep out the door. I'd exhale in relief and give my husband a silent high five, holding onto the universal parenting mantra: "Whatever works."


I do not have a baby, but I have a sous vide circulator (the light of my life), and I assume that other people who own sous vide circulators might one day procreate. (Or maybe they already have!) For these offspring-having, sous-vide-savvy home cooks, I have great news: You can use your sous vide setup to warm breast milk and baby formula to the perfect 37C, without fear of overheating it.